Contributed modules

Documentation for contributed modules for Drupal 8.


Documentation for the Drupal 8 contributed Blog module.


The Drupal 8 Boxout module is used to create a styled box in your page.

CSV to Config

Imports CSV into configuration for Drupal 8.

Captcha Keypad

This module provides an alternative captcha security, where the user can use

Deploy - Content Staging

This guide provides documentation for Deploy module (8.x-1.x branch) and examples about how to use it in different use cases.

Drupal Remote Dashboard

Monitor and manage all your Drupal sites (version 8,7 and 6 supported) from one central place without any third party or tool being required


Documentation for Drupal 8 version of Features module.


FillPDF lets you complete editable PDF fields with information from forms.


If you’ve argued about the way your JSON responses in a decoupled project should be formatted, JSON API is your anti-bikeshedding tool.


An overview of the Key module for Drupal 8.

Libraries API 8.x

Documentation for Drupal 8 version of Libraries API.

Link attributes

Documentation for Link attributes.


Membership Module for Drupal 8


Information about the Metatag module for Drupal 8.

PHP filter

Documentation for the Drupal 8 contributed module PHP filter.


Documentation for the Poll module for Drupal 8.


Documentation for the Drupal 8 contributed module RNG.

SMS Framework

Documentation for the Drupal 8 version of the SMS Framework contributed module.

Search API

Documentation for the Drupal 8 Search API module, both for users and developers


Sharerich module for Drupal 8 provides customisable Share buttons for social media.

Simple FB Connect

Simple FB Connect - Module documentation for Drupal 8.

Snippet manager

Documentation for Drupal 8 Snippet manager module.

Social API

Social API harmonizes social networking services in Drupal

Uikit Slideshow

Custom Views Plugin module description, features, requirements, installation, configuration and roadmap.


The suite of modules for your Drupal site video solution


The Webform module is a form builder and submission manager for Drupal 8.


Documentation for the Drupal 8 XML-RPC module.

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