71 of the top 100 universities use Drupal, including MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and every Ivy League school

Build something amazing

Tailor your higher education solution with the power of Drupal

Flexible - Build a wide range of solutions from university websites, applications, scholarly publishing, and more.

Scalable - Multi-site functionality allows you to centrally manage and control the brand while giving content independence to each department.

Secure - Protect student and faculty data with a platform built on security best-practices.

Why is Drupal the ideal higher-ed platform?

Drupal + Third Party Integrations + An Expert Host = Your Higher-Ed Solution

Customize your solution with Drupal’s robust ecosystem of third party integrations, contributed modules, and hosting services. Accelerate your time to launch by using a pre-built distribution.

These stories showcase the power of Drupal in Higher-Ed: