Contributed modules

Documentation for Drupal 7 contributed modules.

API module

Use the API module to create your own site with API documentation, like

Amazon Wysiwyg

Wysiwyg Plugin for Amazon module for Drupal 7.


How to use the BACnet Module for Drupal


Documentation for the Drupal 7 Bassets module.


Documentation for the Drupal 7 Brightcove Video Connect module


Documentation for Drupal 7 version of the Bynder integration module.


Documentation for the Drupal 7 contributed module CKEditor.

CRM Core

CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contacts, activities and relationships within your Drupal 7 website.

Commerce Google Tag Manager

How to set up the two Drupal 7 modules and the Google Tag Manager to make Drupal Commerce's transactional data appear in Google Analytics.

Commerce Amazon Pay

This Drupal 7 module integrates Amazon Pay with Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

Conditional Fields

Conditional Fields 7.x-1.x allows you to manage sets of dependencies between fields.


Configuring CrowdRiff module

DAN Polaroid

Documentation for the module DAN Polaroid

Email Field

Documentation for the Drupal 7 Email Field contributed module.

Entity Translation

Translate content on field level with Entity Translation

Extensions API

Install and use the Extensions API


Features for Drupal 7 documentation.


Feeds is a pluggable system for importing or aggregating content into Drupal.

Feeds TD Fetcher

Setup the Feeds TD Fetcher


Documentation for Filebrowser D7 version


FillPDF lets you complete editable PDF fields with information from forms.


User and developer documentation for the freelinking module.


The Glossary module helps newbies understand the jargon which is used on your site.

Help Scout's Beacon

A simple module to allow you to easily embed a Help Scout Beacon contact form into your site, and set permissions.


An overview of the Key module for Drupal 7.

Libraries API 7.x

Documentation for Drupal 7 version of Libraries API.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Documentation for LDAP for Drupal 7.


Documentation for the Drupal 7 contributed module Link.

Link block titles

Documentation for the Drupal 7 Link block titles module.

Media: Panopto

Requirements, Installation, Configuration and Usage


Information about the Metatag module for Drupal 7.

Mobile Number

The case for a dedicated mobile number field

Multipage Navigation

A Drupal 7 Smart Paging sub-module that provides navigation blocks with links for paginated content.


OpenEDU D7 Documentation

PHP Native password_hash for Drupal

Drupal module to make Drupal use PHP-provided secure password hashing algorithms such as Bcrypt and Argon2i

RBKmoney Checkout for Drupal/Ubercart 7.x

Installation and Configuration guide

SMS Framework

Documentation for the Drupal 7 version of the SMS Framework contributed module.

Search API

Documentation for the Drupal 7 Search API module, both for users and developers.

Semantic Connector modules

Documentation for the Drupal 7 contributed module "Semantic Connector".


Customisable Share buttons for social media for Drupal 7.

Simple FB Connect

Simple FB Connect documentation for Drupal 7.

Style Switcher

Provides a way to add alternate stylesheets of site's theme for end users to switch between.

ToDoist API

Using the Drupal 7 todoist api module, Do all your functionality in your Drupal instance.

Ubercart Addresses

The Ubercart Addresses adds an address book to the user's profile.


The basic steps to install the video module and configure a transcoding job using the Zencoder


Documentation for the Drupal 7 version of Views module.

Views Natural Sort

A guide on how to use the Drupal module Views Natural Sort.

Views Send

The Views Send Drupal 7 module enables you to execute personalized mass mailing from a view.

Views Slideshow

Views Slideshow can be used to create a slideshow of any content (not just images) that can appear in a View.

Willibald Panelstyle

Documentation for the module Willibald Panelstyle


A guide for implementing the Workflow module in Drupal 7.


Documentation for the Drupal 7 contributed Wysiwyg module.

Wysiwyg Boxout

A Wysiwyg plugin that allows editors to add a block of text to the main body text.

Wysiwyg Smart Paging SEO

A Wysiwyg plugin that provides the UI for multi-page metatags for Drupal 7.

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