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DrupalCon Latin America
10-12 February 2015
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JohnAlbin committed Issue #1529242...
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mikeytown2 committed Issue #2386417...
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mikeryan committed Issue #2256765...
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mikeytown2 committed Issue #2386417...
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alexweber committed minor drush task tweaks
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alexweber committed improved documentation
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-23.5649514 -46.6876227
alexweber committed more improvements to drush task
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-23.5649514 -46.6876227
alexweber committed better logging for drush task
-23.5649514 -46.6876227
alexweber committed add placeholders to task settings forms to...
48.856614 2.352222
-23.5649514 -46.6876227
alexweber committed ux improvement for drush task settings form
Provide feedback on the issue credit attribution user interface

With the help of a few key community members, we have been hard at work creating an interface for users to attribute their work in the issue queues to a customer or employer. Read more

Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

Content Strategy Update: What are we up to?

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