Drupal's news and team social media accounts

Community members can request something be mentioned on social media via one or more of these accounts by using this form.


Drupal Official Drupal account on Facebook
DrupalCon Official DrupalCon account on Facebook


Drupal Official Drupal Association account on Flickr


DrupalCon Official DrupalCon account on Google+
Drupal Community Drupal community presence on Google+


@drupal Drupal on Twitter: major announcements and happenings
@drupal_org Drupal.org development team announcements and updates
@DrupalAssoc Drupal Association official twitter account
@drupalcon DrupalCon: international conference for those who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform
@DrupalConNA Official Twitter account for DrupalCon North America
@DrupalConEUR Official Twitter account for DrupalCon Europe
@drupalplanet Planet Drupal aggregates Drupal-related blog posts and videos
@drupaldocs Drupal Documentation Team on Twitter
@drupalsecurity Drupal Security Team advisories and related news
@drupal_infra Drupal.org infrastructure: status, maintenance, planned downtimes
@drupalcore Drupal core news, events, and opportunities to contribute
@drupal8changes Drupal bot publishing updates from http://drupal.org/list-changes/drupal


Drupal Drupal Association channel on YouTube