This project was formed to work together on the Drupal community's governance process and structure and policies. If you're interested in specific issues regarding governance, take a look in the issue queue and add more if you'd like.

The repository holds a collection of charters relating to Drupal community governance working groups, as well as a place to hold discussion about said policies. These charters are currently solely maintained by Dries Buytaert. Other governance policy documentation can be found at About Drupal: Governance.


For the Drupal project, we are working towards developing a number of working groups related to various aspects of the community (security, documentation, conflict resolution, Drupal core, etc.), with Dries Buytaert as the final decision-maker:

Drupal project governance consists of Community Working Group, Technical Working Group, Security Team, Documentation Team, and a Working Group per major Drupal core version.

In the case of the websites, however, it makes sense for this final decision-maker to be the Drupal Association, since they are ultimately responsible for the website, purchasing hardware, etc.

Drupal website governance: Working groups for infrastructure, software, and content.


Coming soon: Security Team, Documentation Team, Drupal Core N Working Groups.


Original community governance proposal as a result of sprint in Portland:

Revised proposal for Drupal community vs. governance:

This project was originally created as a response to the Drupalcon Denver Core Conversations on Governance and Painting the Bikeshed. For background the blog series at may be useful.

Needing more governance is a good problem to have. It means we're collaborating, growing, and building things!

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