Features for Drupal 7 documentation.

Bundling site settings using Features

The Features module offers a well-known method of bundling configuration in a new module that can be installed on other sites--a feature.

Features for Drupal 6 and 7

The following sections cover Features for Drupal versions 6 and 7.

Getting started

Introduction to Features

Downloading & installing Features module

The Features module follows the standard installation process – download the module from its project page, put it in your sites/all/modules


We need some more examples so please add one here.For real-world examples see the official g.d.o list of live Features servers.

Example #1 - An Online Videos feature

In this example we create an Online Videos feature. The site builder configured a lot in preparation of this feature we are currently not

Exportables and user role IDs in features

When implementing exportables support, module and feature developers should pay special attention to how role IDs are handled.

Features that should never be exported

Some feature settings/components should never be exported because they represent cached, temporary, security related, or other environment

Installing, enabling and disabling bundled Features

Install / enable

Troubleshooting: Reasons Features may be stuck as Overridden

Users of Features have identified several scenarios in which a feature might not revert (i.e. the Manage Features page or drush features

Un-Featuring a Feature module

Features module exports configuration as modules, but these modules are a bit "special" in that they don't contain hooks like regular

Modifying, updating and reverting Features

Once you've got a feature installed and running, chances are that you'll want to fiddle with it and change some of its settings. This is

Using Features as starting point for your own module

Technically, an exported Feature is a Drupal module – it has a .info file and a .module file (along with some .inc files matching the

How to integrate your module with Features

Some information is found in API.txt (DRUPAL-6--1) in the Features folder.

Site Development with Features

A feature is a collection of Drupal configurations that are intentionally grouped together to satisfy a particular use case. These

Version Control and Configuration Management

In a typical Drupal development situation, a developer will work locally and push code and files to a remote server. In this setup, version

Features: Moving Site Configuration to Code

Consider this scenario: you have created a custom content type on your local development server with several core and contributed field

Using Features to Manage Development

Features provides a centralized place to manage, configure and export components and write them to code. This convenience makes Features an

Spaces & Features


Organizing Features

Features can play an important role in the configuration management of your site, and as the site grows it becomes increasingly critical to

Features & Drush

Features offers some useful drush commands which can help streamline your development even further. (Drush is a command line shell and

Exporting content with UUID Features Integration

With Features and the UUID Features Integration module it is possible to export content like nodes and terms.

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