Libraries API 7.x

Documentation for Drupal 7 version of Libraries API.

See also: Libraries API 8.x documentation.

Installing an external library that is required by a contributed module

If you want to install a contributed module, which depends on an external library, and also depends on the Libraries API module, you are on

Using Libraries API 2.x (as a module-developer)

See also: The ideas and design behind Libraries API 2.x

Examples of contributed modules using Libraries API

The following modules utilize the Libraries API:

Libraries: default folder name per library

According to Libraries description:

The ideas and design behind Libraries API 2.x

WARNING: Not only is this document incomplete, but the APIs it is trying to document are still in flux and subject to change. Rather than

Using Libraries API 1.x (as a module-developer)


Using packaged JavaScript libraries on Debian and Ubuntu

Debian's pkg-javascript team has been busy packaging a huge collection of popular JavaScript libraries in a 100% free manner that guarantees

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