Administering Drupal 7 site

Administering Drupal 7 site

Getting started with Drupal 7 administration

This section is an introduction to site administration for new Drupal 7 users. It covers the use of the administrator account and offers

Managing content

Adding content

Working with contextual links

In Drupal 7, some modules supply contextual links that allow privileged users to quickly perform tasks that are related to regions of the

Working with the dashboard

The dashboard gives administrators a customizable overview of important site information. You can add and remove items from the dashboard,

Working with the overlay

The administrative overlay makes it easier to administer a Drupal site by displaying administrative pages as a layer over the current page

Working with the shortcut bar

The Shortcut module provides a toolbar on the top of the page to which you can add links. This toolbar is site-wide, so any links added will

Working with the toolbar

The administrative toolbar gives you quick access to the most important administrative pages. The Toolbar module is enabled by default

Clearing or rebuilding Drupal's cache

To create a page Drupal needs to make several database queries. This can slow down websites with a lot of traffic. To make websites faster

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