Mobile guide

Drupal has fantastic contributed modules and themes that make Drupal a great starting point for mobile solutions. This guide will help users to find and use those projects to build the best mobile solutions for their needs.

Native mobile apps

Native Mobile Application Development

Mobile-specific website

For some projects, you may want to have a mobile web site that uses different markup and layout from the desktop site - for instance, it may

Web-based mobile apps

Web apps are HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript-based apps running in mobile browsers. There are two different ways of building mobile web

Responsive web design

This page lists resources for Responsive Web Design, a strategy for optimizing the display of a web site using CSS and JavaScript to respond

Responsive Design + Server-side Components (RESS)

RESS: Responsive Design + Server-side Components: RESS combines responsive layouts with server side component (not full page) optimization.

Related mobile technologies

There are additional mobile-specific technologies that you can integrate with your Drupal site.

Configurations that work with the Mobile Codes module.

I thought it would be useful to create a list of configuration steps that work with this module:

Mobile Testing Tools

Proxy testing

Front-end performance

Front end performance is a critical task shared by all mobile solutions.