Migrating to Drupal 7

Migrating to Drupal

Drupal modules equivalent to phpBB features

Many people switching over from phpBB wonder if a native Drupal forum has the same functionality.

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How to migrate from many different forum systems

When there is not yet a Drupal module for direct conversion from your current forum software, migration can often be done in two steps, via

Migrating from Discus

Discus is a message board software by DiscusWare. Migration from Discus boards to Drupal forums can be done in two or three steps. Some

Migrating from Invision Power Board

This is a 'How To' guide on importing users from an existing Invision Power Board database to your Drupal database. The following steps

Migrating from Joomla/Mambo

This guideline focuses on migration from Joomla to Drupal (was: Joomla! 1.0.x to Drupal 4.7.x/5.x). It's also aiming to be useful for

Migrating from Wordpress

Migrating to Drupal from Wordpress should be a fairly straightforward process for a solid basic transition (complex custom additions to

Migrating from phpBB

For the owners of a phpBB forum, there are two solutions:

Migrating from static HTMLs with i18n

Migrating static HTML pages to Drupal 7 with incorporated i18n features

Migrating from vBulletin

There are two possible solutions: migration or integration.

Migrating to Drupal

This page contains hints and scripts from members of the Drupal community for migrating to Drupal from other content management systems (CMS

phpBB integration solution

An integrated phpBB forum will never be as tightly integrated as a native Drupal forum within a wider Drupal site. But it may be the best

phpBB migration solution

Data Migration

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