New features in 7.x-2.x

Last updated on
8 June 2017

New features in D7 releases

New in 7.x-2.x

  • Now you can add a Workflow to terms, users or other entity types as you do with other Field types, and enjoy the features the Field API provides, such as revisioning, multilingual, etc. Enable the 'Workflow Field' submodule, and leave the 'Workflow Node' submodule disabled. You still use 'Workflow Node' if you come from version 7.x-1.2 or 6.x.
  • You can have multiple workflows on an Entity type.
  • You can select States using radiobuttons, select list or action buttons. The available options can have the traditional State labels, but now you can also use Transition labels!
  • To change the State from a comment, add the same field to the Node and the Comment.
  • When 'Entity tokens' module is enabled, lots of tokens are provided.

Run Update.php after downloading a new version.

New in 7.x-1.2