This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Add REST Endpoint

Module to easily perform real-time external REST requests and converted to Drupal REST endpoints from your app.

This helps in hiding your Access Key as the external url(ex: is internally called from your app and not from the client browser.

The module creates a content type "Guzzle Drupal Endpoint" which is as shown in the figure and currently supports GET, PUT and POST calls only using Guzzle.

To use this module:
1) Add Content for type "Guzzle Drupal Endpoint".
2) Fill in the Request values as shown in figure and choose the desired Third-Party External URL(Facebook API, Meetup API etc.), Request Method(GET/POST/PUT), fill in the Request Headers, Payload Data.
3) Hit Publish and Save.

You will be redirected to the generated link which can be used in your code as a Drupal Endpoint from your site directly
(Eg: Calling the content node in Javascript

  url: "/node/2"
}).done(function() {  


I am actively looking for contributors, please feel free to reach out to me at for suggestions, improvements or anything :)

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