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DrupalCon Latin America
10-12 February 2015
-32.3364522 115.8255503
39.9792454 -75.1343907
dafeder committed Merge pull request #93...
42.9563122984899 -72.31911346463185
39.7202426 -84.03260329999999
39.9792454 -75.1343907
dafeder committed Merge pull request #94...
-41.9768605 -71.5368136
drkloc committed Merge pull request #386...
52.3436799 -0.0780445
-41.9768605 -71.5368136
drkloc committed Colorizer warning to keep admin theme and...
37.7627246 -89.34386169999999
32.4552304792291 -97.7297161907923
-41.9768605 -71.5368136
drkloc committed Updating nuboot_radix to latest 7.x-1.x
37.7627246 -89.34386169999999
38.8928278 -77.1430262
eshta committed Issue #2416151...
40.0999493 -74.8499912
8.5304335 76.9354866
38.8928278 -77.1430262
eshta committed Issue #2416151...
28.627404199999997 77.2212721
37.8073224 -122.2418514
widukind committed removed version and core attributes from ....
37.8073224 -122.2418514
widukind committed removed version and core attributes from ....
42.494935 -71.1895186
38.8928278 -77.1430262
eshta committed Issue #2429789...
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