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4.598595 -74.076658
DrupalCon Latin America
10-12 February 2015
43.0759525 -89.3763983
50.0271032 8.2796692
48.1505743 11.6224393
chr.fritsch committed Initial commit.
49.229491 -123.002575
51.6 5.1
Timusan committed Issue #2460581:...
51.20695335854521 4.44948053957941
-41.9768605 -71.5368136
drkloc committed Merge pull request #102...
37.5999938 14.0153557
39.9792454 -75.1343907
dafeder committed Update ctools to version 1.7
51.4697407 -0.0520922
40.7987952 -105.5822081
mtnguru committed Remove invalid files
43.0864439 -87.8962267
-41.298008 174.7783406
dman committed Renamed funcs from feeds_default to...
43.0759525 -89.3763983
30.900965 75.857276
-41.298008 174.7783406
dman committed Renamed files (not funcs) from feeds_default...
44.8350088 -0.587269
-41.298008 174.7783406
dman committed Checking in all work so far, still named...
37.7627478 -89.3439318
22.420595199999998 114.23232929999999
hswong3i committed webform-7.x-4.7
4.6599397 -74.0596266
-35.280994199999995 149.1213974
Joseph Zhao committed MS word support - transform formatted...
Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

Drupal users around the world know Aaron Winborn (aaron), a long-time community member who made countless contributions to the project and to the people who use it. Read more

Announcing The Aaron Winborn Award to honor amazing community members

Ready, Set, Drupal 8! D8 Accelerate Fundraiser

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Help with sum of a field
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Initial revision.
Initial commit.
Issue #2460581: Does not work on PHP version below 5.4
Support PHP 5.4. Sigh.
Removed legacy views row style.

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