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4.598595 -74.076658
DrupalCon Latin America
10-12 February 2015
52.3436799 -0.0780445
0.2920797 32.6174153
Jan van Diepen committed Added promote to/demote from workflow to...
35.7 -78.8
60.8 11.1
0.2920797 32.6174153
Jan van Diepen committed Fixed flexslider, organisation page and...
15.256957600000002 73.93217419999999
38.0139196 -1.1790677
23.022505 72.5713621
cmak committed removed required option from field, as if no...
43.0759525 -89.3763983
0.313611 32.581111
Ljo posted Rules
0.3 32.6
batje committed Issue #2128411...
-32.3364522 115.8255503
0.3 32.6
batje committed Added support for custom default colors for...
42.9563122984899 -72.31911346463185
46.5853377 24.6049797
reszli committed added support for custom destination path
48.9299026 2.1667853
Sebastien @Actualys committed big rewrite about import akeneo families
52.3436799 -0.0780445
39.7202426 -84.03260329999999
48.9299026 2.1667853
Sebastien @Actualys committed Issue #2438019...
37.7627246 -89.34386169999999
51.4734962 11.9806433
Cyberschorsch committed Remove not needed widget settings form...
37.7627246 -89.34386169999999
51.4734962 11.9806433
Cyberschorsch committed Add sponsoring notice Signed-off-by: Lucio...
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