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DrupalCon Latin America
10-12 February 2015
38.8951 -77.0364
-27.5963519 153.1028777
dk129 committed only archive ref when removing
17.4488199 78.3443861
47.5834449 -122.1321471
mikeytown2 committed Issue #2443835...
28.627404199999997 77.2212721
-27.5963519 153.1028777
dk129 committed traversing and remove will only archive the...
38.8928278 -77.1430262
eshta updated Navbar
47.5834449 -122.1321471
mikeytown2 committed Issue #2429903...
31.418714199999997 73.07910729999999
22.420595199999998 114.23232929999999
hswong3i committed features-7.x-2.4
50.4557152 30.416971399999998
19.231923899999998 73.1526509
35.0121 -80.882103
MarkHurley committed Added the clean URL friend query string for...
52.3436799 -0.0780445
22.420595199999998 114.23232929999999
hswong3i committed webform-7.x-4.4
17.4488199 78.3443861
60.8 11.1
47.5834449 -122.1321471
mikeytown2 committed Issue #1668954...
38.0139196 -1.1790677
47.5834449 -122.1321471
mikeytown2 committed Issue #2445505...
54.9871301231367 -1.57444817410797
0.313611 32.581111
Ljo posted Rules
-27.5963519 153.1028777
dk129 committed refactoring symmetry creation
Provide feedback on the issue credit attribution user interface

With the help of a few key community members, we have been hard at work creating an interface for users to attribute their work in the issue queues to a customer or employer. Read more

Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

Content Strategy Update: What are we up to?

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Chart HowTos
Comparison of Node/Entity Ordering Modules
Working with Drupal's Help system
Google Summer of Code 2015
For GSoC students: where to start

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separete forum attached to separate node
taxonomy term template
Drupal 7: add a class to just the last node
ldap authenication & IPA ( 389 Directory Server )
Drupal and Wordpress On One VPS Account

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Automatic merge with the unified repository.
Issue #2443835 by Hydra: Make it work with paragraphs module
only archive ref when removing
Issue #1638394 by sidharrell: Table name should be {users} not {user}
Clarify readme

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