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2015 Membership Drive: Because Members Are Contributors Too

Today, we introduced a banner on pages. It invites all site visitors to support the Drupal project by becoming Drupal Association members. Read more

Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 released

Marketplace Updates to Highlight Contributing Organizations

Help us test DrupalCI

Drupal 7.39 and 6.37 released

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Cache API in Drupal 8
CacheableDependencyInterface & friends
Responses in Drupal 8

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Creating a blog reel
Drupal for a website recommender
Unlimited fieldset values in custom form
Freelancer developer
Clean URL test fails, but its not a mod_rewrite problem

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Drupal 8 RC 1 is out now! Get regular updates about the process or volunteer as a developer, designer, or tester.
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