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Limited email privacy breach on on April 15th

On April 15th, a website permission inadvertently allowed those with the "community" role to view a report listing of recently logged in users. Read more

A new way to welcome newcomers on

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Drupal 7.36 released

Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

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Views GeoJSON Advanced Configuration
Flickr Editor Guide 7.x-1.7
Leaflet GeoJSON Documentation
Flickr module documentation
Ban an IP address

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Cannot load local site using devdesktop 2
Content types being disabled
Entity Reference replacement pattern + Views
portal for users and events management
Ubercart Product Catalog items sort next to each other instead of below each other?

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Oops! Forgot to add the _widgets.scss partial.
Issue #2437407 by Manel-emfasi: Fix target _blank
Issue #2356639: i18n strings support.
Remove unused variables
Remove unused variables

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