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DrupalCon Latin America
10-12 February 2015
37.7627224 -89.3439873
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39.7731263 -104.981269
cedewey committed Updates OpenAid to reference the Atom...
37.7627224 -89.3439873
43.0427065 -76.188513
kylejbertelsen committed Edited taxonomy terms
53.002668 -2.179404
42.9901491 -71.463167
donutdan4114 committed Issue #2460209...
50.8098759 4.4238222
42.9901491 -71.463167
donutdan4114 committed Issue #2460201...
42.0931505 -71.21130889999999
52.1686544 -1.2181922
43.0427065 -76.188513
kylejbertelsen committed Added taxonomy terms
42.0931505 -71.21130889999999
28.459497 77.026638
43.2046157 27.9022628
svetlio committed check updatefield schema
42.0931505 -71.21130889999999
50.0271032 8.2796692
43.2046157 27.9022628
svetlio committed check updatefield schema
42.0931505 -71.21130889999999
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43.2046157 27.9022628
svetlio committed count updatefield schema
42.0931505 -71.21130889999999
41.1100008 -80.7295695
Richard Buchanan committed Fixed validation error message
48.849186499999995 2.3544514
37.5999938 14.0153557
39.8971599 -75.3546837
djdevin committed Issue #2461091...
Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

Drupal users around the world know Aaron Winborn (aaron), a long-time community member who made countless contributions to the project and to the people who use it. Read more

Announcing The Aaron Winborn Award to honor amazing community members

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Updates OpenAid to reference the Atom Contact project rather than including it d…
Issue #2459605: Prevent duplicates
Edited taxonomy terms
silent push notes
Improved node type configuration.

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