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MD5: 9efea37c74bed8208133dc1aae76e53f
SHA-1: b5e4a28bd9a56da49bb88ae18659b31f7a5f85da
SHA-256: b995f34e12bdd58a01806baa912d19ef6e4ee04143266e71a070b3aeaceb3031
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MD5: 0e0a964d761b2c26a3e7abaaf95553c8
SHA-1: b0c515424c3522d8e3e11eef9e81dab94dbb1673
SHA-256: 4b890e42a8cd41a741519af28c7939456f20647e4b0321f606925fdacbc8bef3

Release info

Created by: catch
Created on: 1 Oct 2014 at 07:03 UTC
Last updated: 11 Jan 2016 at 21:41 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x

Release notes

Betas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs, and who are prepared to rebuild their test sites from scratch when necessary. Beta releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites. More information on beta releases.

An upgrade path will not be supported from this release to the next beta release, nor before all known upgrade path blockers are resolved.

Known issues

There are still 116 critical issues with this beta release that need to be resolved before we will create a release candidate.

Search the issue queue for known issues


Obvious user facing bugs

If you are testing the beta, be aware that there are obvious site visitor and site builder-facing bugs, please consult the list below to see if they already have an issue open:

Additionally, beta releases are every month, but critical bug fixes go into 8.0.x every day. If you find a bug in the actual beta release, please try the latest dev to see if it's still there in addition to searching the issue queue.

There are several outstanding API changes which will continue to be worked on during the beta releases, but which we do not expect to impact the majority of contributed module porting. These include changes to page rendering, SafeMarkup followups, Entity URI templates, Configuration dependency and schema corrections, theme templates, and other critical issues that need to be solved by making an API change.

Changes since 8.0.0-alpha15:

  • #2347831 by xjm, effulgentsia: Fix documentation for \Drupal::url(), \Drupal::l(), etc. (and fix the change record).
  • #2343661 by larowlan, tim.plunkett | xjm: Rename l() to _l() and url() to _url(), and document replacements.
  • #2343759 by pwolanin, larowlan, dawehner, tim.plunkett, effulgentsia, xjm, Wim Leers: Provide an API function to replace url()/l() for external urls.
  • #2346911 by larowlan, vijaycs85, Berdir | sihv: Fixed Base field overrides have incorrect default value callable properties.
  • #2277103 follow-up by mradcliffe, alexpott, jaredsmith: Fix ambiguous Url reference.
  • #2277103 by tim.plunkett, pwolanin, Wim Leers, dawehner, hotpizzas: Switch Drupal::l() and LinkGenerator to expect a Url object.
  • #2346635 by fago: Fixed Content entities are iteratable but do not implement Traversable.
  • #2340571 by Désiré | YesCT: LanguageInterface needs isLocked method for the locked property.
  • #1869476 by rteijeiro, LewisNyman, lauriii, Wim Leers, mdrummond, swentel, hosef, cbiggins, larowlan, sun, EclipseGc, Gábor Hojtsy: Convert global menus (primary links, secondary links) into blocks.
  • #2323511 by dawehner, pfrenssen, olli, Xano | alberto56: Fixed Menu dropdown missing from 'Normal menu entry' section in Views.
  • #2346187 by Yaron Tal | tstoeckler: ConfigFactory and CongfigFactoryInterface should be @ingroup config_api.
  • #2346215 by Upchuk | alimac: In HandlerFilterPermissionTest fix typo in variable name.
  • #2346433 by yched: Fixed iterators omit computed fields by default.
  • #2346297 by fago: Move getting option providers to field definitions.
  • #2346249 by rteijeiro: Fixed wrong escaped errors in Installer - Database settings.
  • #2346421 by yched: Fixed WTF with getTargetEntityId() / getBundle().
  • #2100343 by Berdir, fago, martin107, visabhishek, sriharsha.uppuluri, Yorirou: Remove 'fieldable' key in entity definitions in favour of 'field_ui_base_route'.
  • #2346371 by effulgentsia: Add docs warning to some APIs we know we'll break after beta.
  • #1986640 by Wim Leers, chx, dawehner, effulgentsia: Support AND/OR conjunctions for permission checks.
  • #2345793 by tim.plunkett | xjm: Entities should provide a method for a properly generated link to the entity.
  • #2340471 by clemens.tolboom, dawehner: Fixed Rest export views preview should show some output instead of 500.
  • #2346361 by pwolanin, dawehner: Add a UnroutedUrlAssembler and put it into the container.
  • #2002138 by yched, Jose Reyero, xjm, andypost, fago, msonnabaum, Berdir, dixon_: Use adapters for supporting typed data.
  • #2346323 by webflo: Fixed Set default language during installation.
  • #934300 by bfroehle, Yaron Tal, marthinal: Fixed Update status keeps trying to fetch available updates over and over for projects without a release.
  • #2345607 followup by webflo: The combination of #2345607 and #2344821 shortly after broke head.
  • #2297993 by cilefen, marthinal, ivanjaros: Fixed MySQL column and table comments are not truncated properly.
  • #2346105 by olli: Fixed Use 1+2+3 for OR, 1,2,3 for AND.
  • #2344821 by yched: Unify 'name' / 'field_name' in FieldConfig / FieldStorageConfig.
  • #2336743 by webflo, penyaskito, YesCT, Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed When more than one language is added in the profile, the installer ignores those.
  • #2328161 by alexpott, vijaycs85 | Sutharsan: Fixed 'Enable Translation' checkbox default non-predictable for new bundles.
  • #2345607 by YesCT, Désiré | Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Translated taxonomy terms not rendered in the entity display language.
  • #2175517 by chx, benjy, alimac: Fixed Entity displays are themselves config entities.
  • #2343651 by xjm, tim.plunkett, Wim Leers, dinarcon, dawehner: Remove most remaining l() calls.
  • #2345961 by Wim Leers: Fixed Update CKEditor library to 4.4.5.
  • #2344843 by yched: Fixed hook_field_storage_config_update_forbid() sample code still uses ArrayAccess on FieldStorageConfig.
  • #2344967 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Localization update does not update configuration translations.
  • #2329829 by Cottser, lauriii | davidhernandez: Move update classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #1912608 by Cottser, ckrina, jamesquinton, lauriii, jwilson3, mgifford, scaragucc' | criz: Update pagination markup for new CSS standards and improved accessibility.
  • #1777332 by hass, Cottser, mike.roberts, joelpittet, dawehner | jenlampton: Replace theme_menu_link() and menu-tree.html.twig with a single Twig template.
  • #1413670 by mgifford | daniel.nitsche: Document 'show row weights' mode.
  • #2308521 by mgifford: Added Document accessibility features in Views.
  • #2337653 by swentel: Fixed DraggableListBuilder should dynamically calculate a delta for configuration entities weight field.
  • #2341631 by Rade | LewisNyman: Fixed Display settings top has a unintentional background.
  • #2341927 by martin107: Language module annotation improvements [ plus minor followup ].
  • #2343213 by alexpott: Fixed SQLBase::mapjoinable does not support SQLite.
  • #2344669 by swentel: Fixed Rename the field to field storage in the annotation of fieldstorage .
  • #2342439 by pgautam, joshi.rohit100 | webchick: Some test modules/themes missing Testing package assignment in their info files.
  • #2344823 by martin107: Drupal\Tests\editor\Unit\EditorXssFilter\StandardTest has trivial lint error.
  • #2343587 by olli, dawehner | Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Views access checking per permission summarises as 'Broken field'.
  • #2345037 by Wim Leers, bserem: Fixed Configure CKEditor to not create HTML entities.
  • #2340251 by iMiksu, alexpott, tim.plunkett, dawehner, Wim Leers: Remove most remaining url() calls.
  • #2344487 by tim.plunkett, dawehner: Provide special route names for and .
  • #2345395 by martin107, herom: Fix param type in RESTTestBase
  • #2318381 by csakiistvan, thamas: Fixed Message not styled properly on interface translation page .
  • #863594 by David_Rothstein, mbrett5062: Fixed Strange first paragraph in the installer database error message.
  • #2154781 by ParisLiakos: Convert aggregator/sources and aggregator/opml to views.
  • #657166 by mgifford, TR, Haza, cs_shadow, heaths1: Use × instead of x.
  • #2343787 by tim-e: Fix use of get() and set() in ContactForm getters/setters.
  • #2329759 by Sutharsan: Move container classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2342227 by martin107: Fixed untraversable for loop in DisplayFeedTest().
  • #2342237 by martin107: Fixed Cannot use the same variable in the inner and outer foreach loop ( $label ).
  • #1972122 by akalata, mortendk, JamesLefrère, pakmanlh, ckrina, sun: Remove the DIV tag around block content.
  • #2224625 by heypaxton: Fixed Wrong position sticky tableheader on mobile.
  • #2344979 by yched: Rename field type list_text to list_string.
  • #2340123 by Wim Leers: Setting cache tags can be tricky: use strings instead of nested arrays to improve DX.
  • #2329853 by Cottser: Move miscellaneous classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2228125 by dawehner: 'base theme' property in theme .info.yml files does not need to be wrapped in quotes
  • #2343607 by alexpott, dawehner: Cleanup UrlGenerator.
  • #2254181 by Wim Leers, Arla, blueminds, cbr: Fixed Comment indentation is incorrect for comments following a replying-comment: don't render cache comments for which threading is enabled.
  • #2293501 by dawehner, Wim Leers, znerol: Use route name and params instead of _system_path in CsrfAccessCheck.
  • #2342949 by rpayanm | larowlan: Cleanup BlockContentBlock.
  • #2341313 by dawehner: Convert all t() calls to $this->t() in views.
  • #2343631 by chx, Wim Leers: Improve AccessResultInterface andIf()/orIf() docs.
  • #2038275 by tim.plunkett, mr.baileys, Sam Hermans: Convert hook_queue_info() to plugin system.
  • #2342435 by tstoeckler, webchick: Don't show 80 bazillion test modules on the modules page when in development mode.
  • #2343173 by benjy: Fixed HEAD BROKEN: Duplicate entry in migrate dump node_revisions table.
  • #2326885 by tim.plunkett, sidharthap: Convert language_element_info() to Element classes.
  • #2268897 by benny, Berdir, chx: Write per user contact settings D6=>D8 migration.
  • #2325485 by tim.plunkett, almaudoh: Convert field_ui_element_info() to Element classes.
  • #2325477 by tim.plunkett, almaudoh: Convert contextual_element_info() into Element classes.
  • #2244555 by benjy, ultimike, mikeryan: Use copy() directly instead of file_unmanaged_copy().
  • #2326895 by tim.plunkett: Convert toolbar_element_info() to Element classes.
  • #2279323 by benjy, oadaeh, ultimate, chx: Fixed Data for fields with multiple values do not import.
  • #2262863 by attiks, Jelle_S: Add srcset to template_preprocess_image.
  • #2325185 by dawehner, tim.plunkett: Convert views_element_info() to Element classes.
  • #2281553 by benjy, Sutharsan, ultimate: D6->D8 Node Revision migration is incomplete.
  • #2326881 by tim.plunkett: Convert filter_element_info() to Element classes.
  • #2281591 by benjy, Ryan Weal, vendion: Author information does not migrate over.
  • #2281697 by benjy, Ryan Weal, oadaeh: Fixed Field weights are not migrated.
  • #2313241 by aleksip, benjy: Fixed d6_taxonomy_term migrate fails when the parent term has not been already migrated.
  • #2342925 by tim.plunkett: Simplify url() in order for the installer to function without it.
  • #2343097 by geerlingguy: Fixed errant Routing. test group.
  • #2339373 by Wim Leers, effulgentsia: Remove getCacheBin() from CacheableInterface.
  • #2215369 by fietserwin, svanou: Fixed PHP 5.5 imagerotate() fails when incorrect color indices are passed in.
  • #2313669 by dawehner, hussainweb, pfrenssen: Bring in egulias/EmailValidator for RFC compliant email address validation.
  • #2342169 by benjy: Fix typo in ViewExecutable
  • #2340507 by chx, Wim Leers: Make the new AccessResult API and implementation even better.
  • #2322465 by Haza | roald.umandal: Fixed HTML tag is visible in permission page.
  • #2225283 by Primsi, martin107, slashrsm | fgm: Make Book storage independent.
  • #2256365 by Crell, Wim Leers, dawehner: Factor render->fragment code out to a service.
  • #2338475 by herom: Remove hook_permission().
  • #1342504 by jbrown, Jelle_S, Dave Reid: Support data URIs.
  • #2261425 by ParisLiakos, alexpott: Streamline aggregator's entities rendering with rest of core.
  • #2341701 by ParisLiakos: Provide an abstract declaration.
  • #2319487 by tim.plunkett, Cottser, larowlan: Remove
  • #2336355 by alexpott, Cottser: Fixed Refactor Attribute rendering so that class= is not printed.
  • #1860594 by penyaskito, damiankloip, xjm, alexpott, sun: Ensure that randomString() always returns a character that needs to be escaped for HTML.
  • #2333465 by marcvangend: Fixed Confusing exception message when Deriver plugin does not exist.
  • #2250121 by mgifford, er.pushpinderrana, emma.maria, scresante, LewisNyman: Fixed Check for proper use of CSS Outline in Seven.
  • #2336481 by er.pushpinderrana, ThomWilhelm | tim.plunkett: Replace Views usage of 'js settings' with 'js_settings'.
  • #2336483 by er.pushpinderrana | tim.plunkett: Replace Views $form_state usage of '#page_title' with 'page_title'.
  • #2339435 by YesCT, alexpott: Default no longer needs to be a property on Language or ConfigurableLanguage.
  • #2338479 by rpayanm | dawehner: Convert \Drupal\views\Plugin\Derivative\ViewsMenuLink to use DeriverBase.
  • #2321809 by undertext, JeroenT | dawehner: Put the access manager onto \Drupal.
  • #1822048 by dawehner, tim.plunkett, damiankloip, EclipseGc, martin107, neclimdul: Introduce a generic fallback plugin mechanism.
  • #2333395 by Jelle_S, attiks: Add sizes to template_preprocess_image.
  • #2211633 by EclipseGc: Provide a composer.json file for Drupal\Component\Plugin.
  • #2228745 by Wim Leers, sqndr, nod_, undertext: Fixed Color module doesn't look for CSS files declared in a library.
  • #2325801 by jibran, larowlan: Abstract contact module mail delivery out of form into a service.
  • #2098419 by larowlan | fago: Fixed Missing default access for all comment fields.
  • #2238149 by Berdir, swentel: Apply formatters and widgets in EntityTestFormCotroller.
  • #2142441 by Garrett Albright: Fixed [Followup needed] CSS aggregator prepends data: URLs with paths.
  • #2318677 by bluegriff | emma.maria: Fixed Password field focus is interfering with the password indicator strength bar.
  • #2337619 by alexpott: Fixed Drupal\views\Plugin\views\query\Sql::buildCondition is checking for a non existing class.
  • #2332885 by cs_shadow, Berdir, fago: Rename AllowedValuesInterface to OptionsProviderInterface.
  • #2263981 by znerol, beejeebus: Introduce a robust and extensible page cache-policy framework.
  • #2312093 by alexpott, yched, andypost, swentel | xjm: Rename FieldInstanceConfig to FieldConfig.
  • #2063303 by dawehner, damiankloip, Wim Leers: Fixed A Drupal 8 AjaxResponse that must return a 403, returns a 403 and prints 'A fatal error occurred: '