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MD5: 4bfd35c34ce1b4ba5bac2d18e0d6b5c9
SHA-1: 1f13eb7a88862121ddae44f6c8499593e353ae00
SHA-256: 41c1ba9573e4974494a5ce0888366638132e798e2b71ea7130b197f88f22a5fe
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SHA-256: 0f340b55ca4f3f6450d4df9715c52bdd32ead090be4de153eecc25c4ddaa25ee

Release info

Created by: catch
Created on: 4 Jan 2017 at 11:38 UTC
Last updated: 18 Oct 2017 at 16:34 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

This is a patch release of Drupal 8 and is ready for use on production sites. See the CHANGELOG.txt for a summary of changes and improvements since the last minor release. Learn more about Drupal 8.

This release only contains bug fixes, along with documentation and testing improvements.

Update instructions

Beginning with 8.2.3, packaged Drupal releases no longer contain development PHP libraries. See Drupal 8 will no longer include dev dependencies in release packages for more information.

Known issues

There are no known regressions in this release.

Drupal 8 currently has a number of known issues related to incorrect tracking of file usage, which can result in files being unexpectedly deleted from a site. (These issues also existed in 8.0.x and 8.1.x but have been recently discovered.) Site owners experiencing unexplained file loss should consider setting "Delete orphaned files" to "Never" on /admin/config/media/file-system until these issues are resolved, and note the following issues:

The following issues may affect people running this release on specific hosting environments:

Search the issue queue for all known issues.

Changes since 8.2.4:

  • #2838954 by damiankloip: Ignore 'Transfer-Encoding' header in EntityResourceTestBase::testGet
  • #2837645 by cburschka: Views::viewsDataHelper declares the wrong return type
  • #2838678 by andrewmacpherson: Typo in documentation of ArgumentPluginBase - bellow
  • Revert "Issue #2797169 by Wim Leers, Fabianx: Mark BigPipe as stable/non-experimental"
  • #2797169 by Wim Leers, Fabianx: Mark BigPipe as stable/non-experimental
  • Revert "Issue #2836381 by phenaproxima, Wim Leers: Seven's entity-add-list template omits link attributes"
  • #2836381 by phenaproxima, Wim Leers: Seven's entity-add-list template omits link attributes
  • #2830485 by michielnugter, klausi, tedbow, xjm, catch, tim.plunkett, dawehner, alexpott, Wim Leers, Lendude: \Drupal\Tests\outside_in\FunctionalJavascript\OutsideInBlockFormTest fails randomly
  • #2721725 by Vinay15, snehi, zerbash, er.pushpinderrana, jhodgdon, xjm, Ashish.Dalvi, joachim, Kevin Davison, ckrina: Select form element has undocumented properties
  • #2651328 by aerozeppelin, GeduR: Views Handler Filter InOperator exposed fires illegal choice when all option has been selected
  • #2823955 by Jo Fitzgerald, benjy, quietone, claudiu.cristea, mikeryan: No need to specify operator for Vocabulary filter in Term source
  • #2836434 by alexpott, oriol_e9g, NickWilde, bradjones1, AdamPS, carteriii, gapple, tstoeckler, soulsymphonies: We should not ever recommend APC in Drupal 8
  • #2828542 by claudiu.cristea, pfrenssen, cebasqueira, heddn, alexpott: Properly check if a destination folder for a file exists
  • #2822296 by shashikant_chauhan, jp.stacey, xjm: Wrong fully qualified class name \Drupal\Core\Routing\LinkGeneratorInterface::generate() in docs of Drupal::l()
  • Revert "Issue #2828438 by Adita, Sam152, rachel_norfolk, timmillwood, jp.stacey: Exception when adding tab to a node managed by content moderation"
  • #2828438 by Adita, Sam152, rachel_norfolk, timmillwood, jp.stacey: Exception when adding tab to a node managed by content moderation
  • #2548713 by yongt9412, larowlan, Berdir, swentel, subhojit777, effulgentsia: Only one additional new value saved unlimited field and no non-field values are restored after preview
  • #2781927 by pguillard, kiamlaluno, Eda, kiwimind: Improve description of render array properties and examples
  • #2729663 by dmsmidt, thpoul, SKAUGHT, Wim Leers, Lendude, droplet, effulgentsia, xjm, Reinmar, alexpott: Fragment link pointing to should be redirected to CKEditor instance when CKEditor replaced that textarea
  • #2746671 by Jo Fitzgerald, stella, andrewmacpherson, hussainweb, tom friedhof, chriscalip, mikeryan: CCK field data not available for D7 taxonomy term migrations
  • #2835604 by Wim Leers, effulgentsia: BigPipe provides functionality, not an API: mark all classes & interfaces @internal
  • #2822881 by Jo Fitzgerald, tstoeckler: Improve Entity URI checking in menu link migration
  • #2829759 by ruloweb: Wrong @return doc comment in \Drupal\user\Controller\UserAuthenticationController.php
  • #2834453 by dixon_: Remove dixon_ as maintainer for Comment module
  • #2830333 by Wim Leers, tedbow: All REST update path test coverage fixtures contain no-op code and other mistakes
  • #2832246 by dangur: d6_profile_values.yml contains obsolete configuration
  • #2828559 by amateescu, alexpott: More random fails in UpdatePathTestBase tests: "settings.cache failed with: missing schema"
  • #2130277 by phenaproxima, michaellenahan, Jo Fitzgerald, David Hernández, hardik.p, fastangel, alvar0hurtad0: Variable to config: filter.settings [D7 only]
  • #2826200 by claudiu.cristea, pfrenssen: Don't let the whole migration crash on a download failure
  • #2309695 by quietone, alexpott, mikeryan, benjy: Add query batching to SqlBase
  • #2814035 by klausi, dawehner: Make $modules property protected on BrowserTestBase and KernelTestBase
  • #2833462 by alexpott, tim.plunkett, Berdir: hook_requirements($phase = 'install') does not work as expected for experimental modules


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