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MD5: dedd68b8f39002d64fe64a0c5085e573
SHA-1: 59828c21e68ddb4edca7f2867a68d8067927e999
SHA-256: 25c378cb8d31995216e9394fa9c529e5627b49de0298593071776dce6dee7611
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MD5: a34e8fb197ee8c7339b1879f7340d20e
SHA-1: 32e2469fca99c58068b2f83863e3356d34fb5a14
SHA-256: 7a32cc5c3f2350d771955b17b99e824ff2f5852cf7707a61a09fb85bd2ee416a

Release info

Created by: catch
Created on: 4 Nov 2015 at 10:29 UTC
Last updated: 18 Oct 2017 at 16:09 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x

Release notes

This is the third release candidate for Drupal 8.0.0. Release candidates are not supported for production sites, but they are intended for widespread testing in preparation for the upcoming stable release. Release candidates also provide an opportunity to begin developing with Drupal 8, especially for:

  • New sites.
  • Sites that rely mainly on the expanded functionality provided by Drupal 8 core alone.
  • Projects that will take months of development time.
  • Sites for which Drupal 8's benefits outweigh the effort needed to port (or work around) contributed modules that do not yet have Drupal 8 versions.

Read more about Drupal 8 release candidates.

When will Drupal 8.0.0 be released?

Drupal 8.0.0 will be released on November 19th 2015. We will also issue a final release candidate on November 12 in preparation for the release.

Known issues

There are currently 6 known critical issues with this release candidate. We expect to identify and resolve additional critical issues as the release candidate is tested more widely.

Handling security issues

Any security issues discovered for Drupal 8 should be kept confidential and reported using the Report a security vulnerability link on the Drupal project page in order to protect existing sites. Through December 31, 2015, the Drupal 8 security bounty is also still active, so you can get paid for finding security issues and reporting them in our private tracker! See the security team page for more information on Drupal security.

Changes since 8.0.0-rc2

This release candidate includes numerous fixes to regressions in CKeditor since beta 15. Full list of changes:

  • 8.0.0-rc3
  • #2598070 by Wim Leers, jaxxed, DuaelFr, Haza, Reinmar, oleq: [regression] CKEditor Link button does not show if HTML filtering is enabled
  • #2585173 by Wim Leers, Jelle_S, DuaelFr, nod_, Reinmar, attiks: [regression] "Allowed HTML tags" setting corrupted upon accessing Text Format configuration UI
  • #2510380 by Wim Leers, DuaelFr, mlewand, quicksketch, Reinmar, oleq: Images cannot be linked in CKEditor
  • Revert "Issue #2510380 by Wim Leers, DuaelFr, mlewand, quicksketch, Reinmar, oleq: Images cannot be linked in CKEditor"
  • #2581291 by Wim Leers: Update CKEditor library to 4.5.4
  • #2599190 by chegor, rakesh.gectcr, sdstyles, aneeshthankachan, anil280988, Himanshu5050, jhodgdon: Update upgrading procedure describing in UPGRADE.txt
  • #2605546 by dawehner: Mark \Drupal::url() as deprecated
  • #2516742 by DuaelFr, dawehner: Allow Views to be resolved by TitleResolver
  • #2194155 by cosmicdreams, subhojit777, tatarbj, Cottser: Replace deprecated Twig_NodeInterface with recommended Twig_Node
  • #2605408 by IRuslan: Invalid HTML markup in status-report.html.twig
  • #2605280 by rakesh.gectcr: Missing return $this in Url::setUnrouted
  • #2602872 by rakesh.gectcr: Wrong @param doc for construct function in class ContainerAwareEventDispatcher
  • #2602464 by heykarthikwithu, anil280988, rakesh.gectcr: Remove unused local variable and add return value to docs in _search_find_match_with_simplify() of 'search.module'
  • #2605388 by rakesh.gectcr, anil280988, mahavir003, aneeshthankachan: Comment Typos in DrupalKernel.php
  • #2603372 by heykarthikwithu: Remove unused variable in LibraryDiscovery::getLibrariesByExtension()
  • #2480333 by Wim Leers, Elijah Lynn: Document how to use an unminified CKEditor build (for developing/debugging)
  • #2581817 by YesCT: Follow-up for #2505263: clean up comments
  • #2606460 by Wim Leers, alexpott: Regression caused by #2557113: Enabling CKEditor for a text format that did not have it previously is broken
  • #2600672 by alexpott, dawehner: Core MarkupInterface implementations used in Twig templates should implement \Countable
  • #2601790 by Liam Morland: In AttachedAssetsTest.php, separate a 3-part test into 3 separate test assertions
  • #2604324 by krknth, anil280988: block.html.twig variable docs are incorrect
  • #2606470 by alexpott: Symfony prevents container cloning in 2.8 - let's fix this early
  • #2597359 by Wim Leers: Require responses with attachments to contain the final attachment values
  • #2324649 by phenaproxima, svendecabooter, benjy, Berdir: Migrate text fields correctly based on their text_processing setting
  • #2596043 by mpdonadio, pjonckiere: DrupalDateTime constructor claims to support \DateTime object - it should not
  • #2605264 by rakesh.gectcr: Fixing typos for core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity
  • #2603070 by rakesh.gectcr: Unused variable in file_url_transform_relative()
  • #2602410 by xaiwant: Invalid @param name in core/modules/comment/src/CommentStorage.php
  • #2601682 by krknth, rakesh.gectcr, anil280988, jhodgdon: Unnecessary @param tags & Missing variable names in block, block_content module
  • #2536374 by DuaelFr: Generate placeholder content for ListItemBase Field types
  • #2596083 by Wim Leers, lokapujya, jamin_melville: Allowed attribute 'class' not respected in CKEditor: ACF strips it
  • #2549951 by Wim Leers: Document how to specify multiple CSS classes for CKEditor's styles dropdown
  • #2604618 by andypost, xjm: Views operations dropbuttons do not work with Comment because it does not specify a list builder
  • #2491875 by joachim, xjm, Xano, alexpott: EntityViewsData adds Operations links to all entities, which won't work if the entity type has no list builder, leading to WSOD on some views
  • #2598488 by NickWilde: Views Page display menu expanded option is not included and gets destroyed by cache-rebuild
  • #2590403 by Wim Leers: Remove "Open in new window" checkbox from EditorLinkDialog — Was: "Consider whitelisting 's target attribute in the Standard install profile"
  • #2604092 by Wim Leers: BookNavigationBlock has the 'user.roles' cache context, is wrong
  • #2594909 by rakesh.gectcr, krknth, jhodgdon: Missing @return tags in function/method comments in the core/modules folder
  • #2603296 by heykarthikwithu: 'hook_shortcut_default_set' hook's docblock return can be improved
  • #2453551 by mbovan, edurenye, Berdir, Saphyel, jhodgdon: TranslationLanguageRenderer tries to add langcode field to the view for entity types that have no langcode
  • #2602380 by jonhattan: Innacurate exception message: The "%s" entity cannot have a URI as it does have an ID
  • #2603786 by joelpittet, Wim Leers, Fabianx: Make Renderer(Interface)::renderPlaceholder() public
  • #2575703 by borisson_, stefan.r, Berdir, joshi.rohit100: Remove default fall-through from PlaceholderTrait::placeholderFormat()
  • #2602662 by mikeryan, phenaproxima: Feed ID should be required base field for aggregator items
  • #2604722 by rakesh.gectcr: Comment typo in BaseFieldDefinition.php file
  • #2597628 by plach, jhedstrom, alexpott, Gábor Hojtsy: Enabling translation for menu links / taxonomy terms results in "Entity/field definitions" -- "Mismatch detected" on reports/status page
  • #2600152 by Cottser, dawehner: Make ThemeRegistryLoader only throw an error when $throw is true
  • #2589829 by rakesh.gectcr, joshi.rohit100, yched, Arla: Missing return $this in FieldConfigBase::setSetting and setConstraints
  • #2540870 by joelpittet, lauriii: Improve the |safe_join Twig to be inline with twig_join_filter()
  • #2603152 by alexpott, Fabianx, neclimdul: Fix PHP 7 testbot failures
  • #2541344 by Wim Leers, borisson_, DietrichM, Xano, tim.plunkett, alvar0hurtad0, joshi.rohit100: BlockBase subclasses should merge their cache tags/contexts with the parent's (BlockBase's)
  • #2500931 by mikeker, jhedstrom, Berdir: Views feed doesn't encode embedded HTML anymore
  • #2603798 by neclimdul, phenaproxima, mikeryan: dblog_settings tests prove nothing
  • #2590105 by webflo, phenaproxima, snehi, alexpott: Fix undefined variable in d6_field migration
  • #2574973 by mikeryan, phenaproxima: Option to tee idmap messages to message interface
  • #2596793 by phenaproxima, penyaskito, svendecabooter: Migrate legacy languages to configurable language entites
  • #2599246 by mcdruid, Gábor Hojtsy: data in bulk_form_key should not be separated by -
  • #2337191 by tim.plunkett, dawehner, jibran, yched, Wim Leers, catch: Split up EntityManager into many services
  • #2601610 by krknth: Fix comment standards for filter module
  • #2599156 by nicrodgers, snehi, jhodgdon: Several methods in node.module are missing return type documenation
  • #2599442 by jhodgdon, heykarthikwithu, Himanshu5050, eojthebrave, metzlerd: Document common form/render element properties
  • #2599524 by blackra, krknth, jhodgdon, rhett.prichard: Fixing order of documentation sections for /core/lib/Drupal
  • #2598696 by mikeryan, effulgentsia, quietone: Rollback should not delete uid 1
  • #2600538 by rakesh.gectcr, anil280988, justAChris, jhodgdon: Incorrect @file description in core/ classes - wrong namespace or class name
  • #2602442 by mcdruid: typo in \Drupal\tracker\Tests\TrackerNodeAccessTest - drupalCreateuser
  • #2601244 by heykarthikwithu: Removal of unused variable in function config_translation_config_translation_info(&$info)
  • #2601364 by rakesh.gectcr: Unused local variables in template_preprocess_table()
  • #2599612 by rakesh.gectcr: Unused variable in drupal_get_filename()
  • #2601220 by heykarthikwithu: ConfigTranslationOverviewAccess::__construct docblock parameters doesn't match actual parameters
  • #2578377 by YesCT, jhodgdon, Gábor Hojtsy, alexpott, herom, xjm: Make translatable docs consolidated and better for developers
  • #2600996 by heykarthikwithu: Removal of unused variable CommentController::getReplyForm
  • #2600990 by heykarthikwithu: Removal of unused variable BookManager::getActiveTrailIds
  • #2601162 by heykarthikwithu: ShortcutSetStorage::__construct documentation of @param StorageInterface is not required
  • #2598232 by Berdir, alexpott, juanse254: ConfigFactory::get() pollutes ::loadMultiple() static cache with new config objects
  • #2569223 by tim.plunkett: Add tim.plunkett to Ajax system in MAINTAINERS.txt
  • #2400197 by pwolanin, fgm, znerol, neclimdul, mpdonadio, thekevinday, Fabianx: Harden the security where hash values are compared
  • #2594845 by er.manojsharma, tarekdj, snehi, dpopdan, anil280988, jhodgdon, cilefen: Many database driver classes have no class doc blocks
  • #2597860 by neclimdul: UpdateRegistryTest tests missing assertions
  • #2597844 by neclimdul: EntityManagerTest doesn't assert everything it thinks it does
  • #2591125 by Berdir, Jaesin: Only the last views argument token works
  • #1443342 by joseph.olstad, mikeytown2, xjm, joelpittet, brianV, effulgentsia: Inline file_uri_scheme() in file_stream_wrapper_uri_normalize() and other functions
  • #2600200 by alexpott, chx, swentel: PHP7 reveals inconsistent ordering in views_entity_field_label()
  • #2600686 by jhodgdon: Broken views test config YAML
  • #2530296 by googletorp, mondrake, snehi, andile2012, jhodgdon, mikeker: Fix up docs in core/includes/
  • #2600328 by aanschut, brandenlhamilton, dawehner, pjonckiere: Argument default plugin docblocks
  • #2600304 by marvin_B8, anil280988, GoZ, justAChris: Bad @file description in core/ classes
  • #2579427 by lauriii, ibullock, joelpittet, bigjim: Outputting markup from custom text field is not possible
  • #2600282 by dawehner, alexpott: PHP7 fails on Drupal\system\Tests\Update\UpdatePostUpdateTest
  • #2597303 by benjy: Kernel Tests should be allowed in profiles
  • #2599250 by krknth: Fixing order of documentation sections
  • #2600176 by alexpott, dawehner, tim.plunkett: Step 1.875: Include the PhantomJS Mink driver for real
  • #2580049 by Cottser, Manjit.Singh, NickWilde, alexpott, Wim Leers: Removed CSS files not removed from library definitions
  • #2588529 by David_Rothstein, cilefen, kikoalonsob: Code indentation is incorrect in simpletest_generate_file()
  • #2549571 by borisson_, nicrodgers: method visiblity in NodeTranslationUITest
  • #2042239 by tbradbury, pkiraly, lucaslg, pjonckiere, oriol_e9g, ivanchaer, jhodgdon, chx, cilefen, David_Rothstein: DeleteQuery::execute (Delete::execute() in D8) return value documentation is unusable
  • #2595605 by snehi, kiamlaluno, cilefen: Wrong comment in User module in user.module file
  • #2598500 by krknth, nicrodgers: Remove unused variables from core/modules/toolbar/src/Tests/ToolbarAdminMenuTest.php
  • #2598840 by GoZ, DuaelFr: Bad @file description in Test files classes
  • #2598620 by penyaskito: Wrong assertion on BulkFormTest
  • #2513266 by mikeker, joelpittet, lauriii, Cottser, pwolanin, larowlan, Fabianx, stevector, catch, alexpott, dawehner: Twig templates can call delete() on entities and other objects
  • #2597644 by Mile23: ComposerIntegrationTest::testAllModulesReplaced() doesn't test anything
  • #2596801 by alexpott, dawehner: Step 1.75: Include the PhantomJS Mink driver
  • #2502621 by Pravin Ajaaz, hussainweb, Peacog, jhodgdon, ivanjaros: Replace implement notes with inheritdoc tag
  • #2599446 by alexpott: UncaughtExceptionTest fails on PHP7
  • #2592665 by jhedstrom, alexpott: Create RC1 database dumps
  • #2600004 by koppie, YesCT: Missing param type for getOption()
  • #2484645 by giancarlosotelo, Arla: Assigning context mapping: allow empty selection for optional contexts
  • #2544156 by joelpittet: Deprecate drupal_render_children()
  • #2594441 by rakesh.gectcr, joshi.rohit100, Nitesh Pawar, cilefen, xjm: Comment Typos in file
  • #2599172 by TravisCarden: Typo: "Provides a service to handler..."
  • #2502867 by Peacog, trwad, jhodgdon: Document all drupal(Post|Get)(*) methods $path parameter
  • #2547691 by snehi, er.pushpinderrana, edxxu, ipun.amin, visabhishek, jhodgdon, cilefen, ttkaminski: Typo with #theme_wrappers
  • #2597814 by dawehner, Xano: Kerneltests are broken in phpstorm
  • #2576431 by joyceg, YesCT: Improve t() docs "fully-translatable site" is overstating
  • #2575735 by almaudoh: LibraryDiscoveryCollector::reset() does not properly reset its $cid, resulting in loading wrong library assets if the active theme changes
  • #2584745 by mbovan, s_leu: Entity references should be displayed translated on non translatable entity types
  • #2593481 by Wim Leers: PlaceholderGenerator::createPlaceholder() generates invalid markup; causes placeholders to not be replaced if processed by DOMDocument
  • #1938900 by joelpittet, lokapujya, Cottser, lauriii, swentel, neochief, tstoeckler, andypost, duellj: Convert theme_field_ui_table into a template (DIE THEME FUNCTIONS DIE)
  • #2512468 by bendev, munzirtaha, rudraram, chipway, emma.maria, cchanana, elchiconube, Manjit.Singh, jim005, trevorkjorlien, fil00dl, meenakshi.r, davidhernandez, rbrissaud, Knee-X, LewisNyman: Regression: Indented styles for indented comments are missing in Bartik
  • #1938912 by Manuel Garcia, joelpittet, lokapujya, duellj, Cottser, akalata, pplantinga, mdrummond, rpayanm, Hydra, lauriii: Convert language content setting table theme to a twig template
  • #2544176 by lauriii, joelpittet: Remove drupal_render_children() usage in Drupal\toolbar\Element\Toolbar
  • #2582309 by neclimdul, joelpittet, YesCT, dawehner, tim.plunkett: Cookies get lost during RedirectResponse replacement
  • #2597718 by googletorp, tstoeckler: Date library is missing dependency to jquery.once
  • #2585781 by anil280988, Davinder.Snehi, sdstyles, lucian.gutoiu, Chi, jhodgdon, GoZ, YesCT: Wrong documentation of t()
  • #2580569 by anavarre, Davinder.Snehi, Schnitzel, jhodgdon: Update documentation that mentions active CMI directory. active was removed
  • #2597548 by jhodgdon, tim.plunkett: Useless message thrown by SqlContentEntityStorage::wrapSchemaException()
  • #2583135 by Torenware, klausi: Context::getContextData() sometimes returns NULL which violates ContextInterface
  • #2597137 by Dom., jhodgdon, dawehner: Missing schema error on 'sorts.score.expose' views configurations
  • #2599152 by mikeryan, jhedstrom: ROLLBACK_PRESERVE is not respected
  • #2587549 by herom, prestonso: Remaining RTL fixes for Drupal 8
  • #2582577 by Shlyapkin Grigoriy, Liam Morland, stefan.r, mradcliffe, oriol_e9g, shazbot28: D8 install should check MySQL version (Syntax error or access violation: 1115 Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4')
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