Last updated 27 March 2011. Created on 3 April 2009.
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Upload by Group module enable to upload files in addition to standard upload files system


By default all attached files will be displayed on the bottom of our node, but somethimes by need place document in other sections, like fieldgroups or tabs.

This module help us to solve this need.


1. Download an unpack the module
2. Enable the module
3. Configure the module at admin/settings/upload_groups
4. Enable upload by group in our content type using the section Attachments by group
5. Create new groups in our content type.
6. Create new content and use the section File attachments by group to include new files or delete


If you need alter the look and feel for you attached files by group, could you overwrite the theme function theme_upload_group_attachments

Enjoy it.

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