Last updated 2 January 2015. Created on 4 February 2013.
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This guide is about iDEAL v2 configuration. As of mid 2014 iDEAL switched to v3 so this information is now obsolete.

The iDEAL module enables you to implement the iDEAL payment system in your Drupal site. Due to the differences between banks, this can be quite a confusing process. This page aims to take some of that confusion away.

ABN AMRO's iDEAL Zelfbouw

Add a new acquirer with the following details:
Production server URL:
Testing server URL:
Path to public certificate file: Relative path to a key file containing the following key


Then add a new merchant with the following details
Merchant ID: The value of "Acceptant ID" in ABN's dashboard
Sub ID: unless you requested the possibility of adding Sub ID's, this is 0
Path to private key file: Relative path to the private key you generated
Private key password: Passphrase, if any, used to unlock the private key
Path to public key file: Relative path to the public key you generated
The public file must also be uploaded to the iDeal dashboard - both the test and the live environment.

After that, you should make the test payments required by iDEAL. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to enable the idealdonation submodule. The payments need to have a specific amount and are as follows (make sure "Use testing servers only" is enabled in admin/config/services/ideal/global):

  • €1,00
  • €2,00
  • €3,00
  • €4,00
  • €5,00
  • €6,00 (this one is redundant in fact, it passes when you can retrieve the list of banks)
  • €7,00

After they all passed, it can still take some hours for the production account to become active. If you try to make live transactions before this has happened, you will get the "AP1100" MerchantID unknown error.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.