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Taxonomy field menu is designed for the common request in drupal community that user wants to create a menu based on taxonomy field, i.e., a menu automatically connecting terms and nodes. Like:



Because terms and nodes are connected via taxonomy field, this module is based on taxonomy field. Every taxonomy field could be enabled to have a taxonomy field menu.

A taxonomy field menu includes all terms link inside the 'Allowed vocabulary' -- setting of taxonomy field. For this level, it's what taxonomy_menu at has done. Taxonomy field menu takes step into the next level, including nodes link associated with terms via this taxonomy field.


A taxonomy field menu could be enabled at taxonomy field(this field should have data already FIRSTLY) editing page, e.g., 'admin/structure/types/manage/article/fields/field_test_term'.

You may check all taxonomy field menus at 'admin/structure/taxonomy_field_menu'.

Once taxonomy field menu is enabled for a taxonomy field, there will be several ways/UIs that you may manipulate it.

-- You may config/delete this taxonomy field menu from taxonomy field editing page.

-- You may view/edit/add/delete links for this taxonomy field menu at Drupal default menu UI, e.g., 'admin/structure/menu/manage/menu-field-test-term'.

-- You may change node's taxonomy field value, e.g., change its value from term8 to term19, to update the taxonomy field menu links automatically.

-- You may update terms to automatically update its taxonomy field menus links.

NOTE: if you have enabled the sync configs for taxonomy field menu, all your manual changes from default menu UI will be reset when a term/node is created/updated/deleted!


There're some configurations for taxonomy field menu at taxonomy field editing page.

-- Enable custom term page for this taxonomy field menu.

This is used to replace Drupal's default term page for taxonomy_field_menus links. If you don't enable custom term page here, you will get default term page url inside taxonomy_field_menus links.

This module creates a new custom term page 'taxonomy_field_menus/%taxonomy_field_menus_menu/%taxonomy_field_menus_tid' for our case. For instance,
a path 'taxonomy_field_menus/menu-field-test-term/4' indicates it's for a term(tid is 4) which resides in taxonomy_field_menu: menu-field-test-term.

Don't mix it with default term page, i.e., 'taxonomy/term/$tid'. We are not overriding default term page. Instead, we create our own "fake term page" for our own usage.

There're some merits resulting from our own "fake term page":

  1. While Drupal default term page will include all nodes , our "fake term page" only includes nodes associated with this term via this taxonomy field menu's taxonomy field.
    • For instance, you have a vocabulary 'Location', and many terms inside, e.g., USA, Germany, France, etc. Two content types -- 'Shoes' and 'Clothes' have used this vocabulary via two different taxonomy fields and you have enabled taxonomy field menus for both taxonomy fields. For Shoes's taxonomy field menus, term Germany's "fake term page" will only include Shoes nodes located in Germany, and for Clothes's taxonomy field menus, term Germany's "fake term page" will only include Clothes nodes located in Germany too. And we all know, Drupal default term Germany's page will include all nodes, no matter it's Shoes or Clothes! This feature could make more senses for your business logic!
  2. It could be enabled to include child term's nodes. Default term page doesn't provide this feature.
  3. It could have its own page for each taxonomy field menu. Developers could re-write this page to for their own requirements. Admin could gain great flexibility to control each taxonomy field menu.
  4. It could make taxonomy_field_menus module don't interrupt Drupal default term pages. Your other modules could do whatever they want to dafault term page without worrying about this module taxonomy_field_menus. In other words, any changes made to deafult taxonomy term page won't have effect on this module. This module could be independent from default term page.
  5. It could make use of pathauto integration to construct specific page url alias for each taxonomy field menu, without alias cross with other terms or other menus.

-- Add child nodes for custom term page.

If this taxonomy field menu uses our own term page, it could be enabled to have its child term's nodes too. In Drupal default term page, it doesn't include child term's node.

-- Enable url alias/pathauto integration with this taxonomy field menu.

If this taxonomy field menu uses our own term page, it could be enabled to make use of pathauto integration. There will be many available tokens for you to construct custom term page's url.

-- Synchronize taxonomy field menu when a node is updated.

When a node is created/updated/deleted, do you want to synchronize the taxonomy field menu as well.

If it's not enabled here, this module does what taxonomy_menu at module has done. But of course, you can create multiple menus based on the same vocabulary, while taxonomy_menu only creates one menu for a vocabulary.

-- Synchronize taxonomy field menu when a term is updated.

When a term is created/updated/deleted, do you want to synchronize the taxonomy field menu as well.

Note: After the first time taxonomy field menu is enabled for a taxonomy field, ONLY '-- Add child nodes for custom term page.' could be updated again. Other configs above will be frozen and can't be updated anymore. This design is to maximize consistency for all links once taxonomy field menu is created. You can play with differnt configs by enable/disable taxonomy field menus multiple times locally.
Ideally, they should be enabled all to take best advantage of this module.

-- REBUILD THIS taxonomy field menu
-- Rebuild Button
If you want to disable/hide those terms link which don't have child nodes, you can click this button. It checks the child terms' nodes too.
-- Reset Button
This button will enable all term's links, no matter it has child nodes or not.

Pathauto integration

If you are taking advantage of this module's custom term page, you are not only going to get the child nodes from child terms, you will get pathauto integration too! So you will get your own term path with taxonomy field menus's token support.

For instance, you have a vocabulary called 'Location', and it has many locations e.g., USA, France, Germany, etc. You have a taxonomy field enabled taxonomy field menus with this vocabulary in content type: Products. For term "France", you could get a path alias "products/location/france", with token pattern: "[taxonomy_field_menus:node-type-name]/[taxonomy_field_menus:vocabulary-name]/[taxonomy_field_menus:term-name]" enabled at "admin/config/search/path/patterns".

Notes / Shortlist

-- This module will NOT automatically enable/disable term links when node or term is created/updated/deleted. You have to manually click 'Rebuild' button to do this. In fact, it's difficult to detect whether disable/enable "some term link" when "some link" is updated.

-- This module ONLY counts the first term parent. Admin could add multiple term parents inside vocabulary, but this module will ignore other parents except the first one existing in db.

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