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About Checkfront

The Checkfront module connects your Drupal site to the Checkfront Online Booking System.

Getting Started

In order to use Checkfront, you need a Checkfront account. You can get a free account here. When you sign up, you'll create a unique login id that will form your Checkfront Management Console (CMC) URL. It'll look something like

The first thing you are going to want to do before using the Drupal module is to create some inventory in your Checkfront account. This can be done easily by going to Manage / Inventory in your CMC.

It's a good idea to also review the rest of your settings in Checkfront. You may wish to add taxes, enable commerce, configure rates and rules. For more information on using Checkfront see the support documentation.

Configuring Drupal

Once you have installed and enabled the Checkfront Module, you'll need to configure it before you can use it. In your Drupal under Administer / Site configuration, select Checkfront.

The only required field is your Checkfront URL. It should be the URL you created with your Checkfront account. Do not include the URL schema (https://).

You should supply a page title and optionally a header for you booking page.

Adding your booking page

Once you configured, a new item will be added to you Menu navigation using the title you provided. You'll want to make sure this is enabled and set in your preferred position. This can be found under Administer / Site building / Menus / Navigation.

When enabled, the Checkfront booking page will be visible in your Navigation.


For testing purposes, the module is restricted to authenticated users by default. To allow un-authenticated users to see your booking page, you'll need to enable anonymous access to the module in Drupal.

Enabling anonymous access

Logged into Drupal, go to Administer / User management / Permissions. Where you see Checkfront, check anonymous user under access checkfront.

For more information on Checkfront, please see our FAQ.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.