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Semantic Views allows you to alter the default HTML output by the Views module without overriding template files. This means, for example, you can change a field from being wrapped by a <span> tag to being wrapped in a <h2> tag.

The module provides a Views 2 style and row style plugin. These plugins ideally work together but can be used separately.

When properly configured, the Semantic Views style plugin can effectively replace Views' own unformatted, HTML List and Grid styles. The row style plugin can let help leverage your theme's other CSS styles more easily.

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Semantic Views only require a default installation, if not familiar about that please read this and you will find Semantic Views here.

How to use

In views in the format section you can set Format: to Semantic Views and Show: to Semantic Fields

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.