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What is GraphMind

GraphMind is a mindmap tool for Drupal. If you're not familiar with the mindmap concept, visit Freemind:
The module creates a content type for creating mindmaps.

Installation instructions

Drupal 6

Requirements: Views, Services (version 2.x), Graphmind, Amfphp (with Amfphp library)
Graphmind uses Services (several types of them, such as user services, node services, taxonomy services, etc., Views and Users. Check the permissions admin page if rights has to be provided to certain roles. A mindmap is a node, so node edit permissions are applied on it as well.

Drupal 7

Requirements: Services (version 3.x), Amfserver, Graphmind
As writtem for the Drupal 6 version permissions has to be set for the user requirements.
After enabling the module a new service endpoint has to be added on admin/structure/services/add.
On the resourcessection you have to enable:

  • all the Graphmind (and it's submodules) resources
  • Node, User, File, Taxonomy and Term retrieve resource
  • System's connect resource

Use no authentication. Then copy the [path to endpoint] string - visit the Graphmind admin settings page (admin/settings/graphmind) and paste it into the [Default enpoint URL part] field.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.