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The Total Subscription module provides functionality which allows the user to subscribe to node pages, taxonomy terms, etc. The main feature which distinguishes it from other subscription modules is that it allows subscription for Anonymous along with Authenticated users.

Installation and configuration:

  1. Download the module (from the project page) and enable it
  2. Go to {YourURL}/admin/config/user-interface/subscription-mail and configure it.
    admin setting form
  3. Go to {YourURL}/admin/config/user-interface/subscription-mail/subscription-mail for template setting
  4. Goto {YourUrl}/admin/people/permissions for permission and search Total Subscription Permission and give permission to anonymous user so that he can access verification mail link in order to complete verification

WorkFlow of Total Subscription:-
1. On Home Page, it will show all taxonomy terms.
Home page. You can have this sweet checkbox like mine by using jquery ui multiselect widget

2. On Node page, it will show all taxonomy terms related to that node and link for the checkbox for the subscription of that content type.
Node page

3. On Taxonomy page, it will just show subscription button for that taxonomy.
Taxonomy Page

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HomePage.png15.55 KB
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