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The documentation provided here serves to help understand the purpose and configuration of Multi Node Edit. This documentation was not begun by the module developer/maintainer: Please feel free to usurp, silence, or correct it in the most appropriate manner.

* Note: The 6.x version of this module is not really actively maintained *

What Multi Node Edit Does

Mutli-Node Edit at its core exposes a single edit form for updating multiple nodes in a single submit. All form hooks, validation and submit handlers, and alters are honored per node form. This module ships with submodules to help address various approaches to what "let me edit multiple nodes at a time" might mean.

Types of node references supported

  • Taxonomy
  • node reference (field)
  • node reference (parent -> child)*
  • ...

* Could be coming soon. See below.

The simple steps to getting up and running with a node reference field:

Configure muti_node_edit module act as an editor for nodes referenced by a nodereference field

The following steps will get you an edit form for all nodes referenced by a node reference field by a parent node cck field:

  1. Download and enable the multi_node_edit and its included submodule multi_node_edit_reference
  2. Visit a node containing a nodereference field: You will now see a new tab Referenced Nodes where View and Edit usually are:
    local menu tab added by multi_node_edit
  3. Click Referenced Nodes and see a node edit form shown for each of the nodes referenced by the field(s) on this node.

Note on operation: In this mode, the module only serves up nodes in the first nodereference field on the node it finds. Other nodereference fields are ignored, and there is no configuration to specify which nodereference field to select.

How to configure to edit "child" nodes of a child-referenced parent node

When your node relationship is Child -> Parent, and each Parent can have multiple child nodes referencing it, there is no back-relation from the parent for this module to latch onto.

As I work to add support for that, I'll update the documentation at my sandbox for this module. Progress updates available at this sandbox project's page.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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My use case for this module is as described in the second scenario above: I wanted to stub documentation and update it as I learned about this undocumented module, and, fingers crossed, if I end up applying it to my use case, I'll fill out documentation toward that effort as well.

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