Last updated 21 July 2012. Created on 10 July 2012.
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The Publish button module inserts a publish button on the node add/edit page. The Publish button helps to simplify editorial workflow. The button also works with ctools. The button can be added anywhere on the edit page.

Publish button per content type

The default setting is that none of the content types have publish buttons. To add a publish button, edit a content type, and in group Publishing options, check the checkbox, "Use publish/unpublish button for this content type", and save.


Publish button uses its own permissions to determine which node types different users could publish or unpublish.


Views 3.x are supported. To insert a publish button in a View, choose to show Fields in Format settings. Then in Fields, add a new field, Content: Publish button. If you are allowed to publish or unpublish the content, you now have an unpublish/publish button in the list of fields.

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