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The Infusionsoft API module assumes you already have an infusionsoft account:

The infusionsoft API provides developers easy ways to connect a drupal site with infusionsoft.

It also provides default integrations with rules, actions, and ubercart (depending on D6 or D7) so you can push information to infusionsoft without doing a lot of custom work.


To get started using the API, you will need to go through an initial set-up
process. The result of the setup process will be an encrypted key that you
will need for authentication.

  1. Enable the Infusionsoft API and generate an API Key, instructions here:
  2. Write down the encrypted key - it will be essential to getting the API to work
  3. Install the drupal module in the usual way. See here for more information
  4. On your Drupal site fill out the information on admin/settings/infusionsoft.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.