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The SWFAddress module provides integration with the open-source SWFAddress library by Asual, as well as SWFObject.

The SWFAddress module allows you to do the following at this time:

  • Enable or disable SWFAddress url rewriting and SWFObject HTML replacement for users who have JavaScript and the appropriate Flash version
  • Specify a list of excluded paths, so that SWFObject will not activate on certain paths, such as your administration page
  • Alternately specify a list of included paths, so that SWFObject will only activate on paths you choose.
  • Specify all of the parameters for the SWF to be embedded (path to SWF, HTML ID for EMBED / OBJECT, height, width, flash version required and background color.)
  • Theme the SWFObject output to add anything else you want, including FlashVars or extra params.
  • Specify which HTML ID SWFObject will replace with the SWF
  • Specify whether SWFAddress will send your SWF aliased paths or system paths

This handbook provides extra information on getting the module installed.

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