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The Node Admin module allows a site administrator to grant access to content admin overview pages on a type-by-type basis.

Supposing a content editor is allowed to create and edit "article" nodes, but not "page" nodes. This editor will not have permission to access to the content admin overview page at /admin/content/node, and in a default Drupal installation there is no equivalent page showing article nodes only. The Node Admin module provides these content type-specific admin overview pages, as well as the necessary permissions.

Using Node Admin, the editor in our example could access /admin/content/node/article which shows article nodes only. More generally, a content type's admin page can be accessed at /admin/content/node/[type] where [type] is the content type name.

Usage example

  • Create a new role named 'article editor'
  • Assign the 'Administer article' permission to this role. (The module creates a permission for each content type when it is installed.)
  • Create a new user
  • Assign the 'article editor' role created above to this new user
  • Log in as the new user
  • This user can now access the content admin overview page for the 'Article' content type, but cannot access admin pages for any other content type. This means the user can access /admin/content/node/article but not /admin/content/node/page (the 'Basic page' content type admin page) or /admin/content/node (the general content admin page).
  • If the user has admin access to more than one content type, a drop-down menu is included on the content admin pages, allowing them to switch between content types easily.

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