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You can watch a screencast on setting up/configuring this module at

Community Media TV Schedules provides an easy way to display TV schedules like you see on and websites. This module integrates with Community Media Airings, Community Media Show, and Community Media Project to display airing entities and provide click-through links to shows and projects. The result can look like this:

In the above example, the yellow that you see identifies "what's currently on air" and the orange section identifies "primetime" - you can customize these colors, plus all the other colors you see in the above table, using Community Media TV Schedules module.


To determine if you should install the 7.x-1.x version or 7.x-2.x version of CM TV Schedules, you need to first understand what version of CM Airings you are using. Note that only the 7.x-2.x version of CM TV Schedules will receive new features after May 14, 2014, and that the 7.x-1.x version is in a code freeze, so it is recommended you convert to a CM Airings release after May 14, 2014.

Next, if you have NOT yet turned on Project Airings and Show Airings and have downloaded CM Airings after May 14, 2014, you do not need to do anything else and are ensured for compatibility.

If you have a version of CM Airings prior to May 14, 2014 but have never turned on Project Airings or Show Airings, then you can upgrade your CM Airings module (follow that module's upgrade instructions for best practices) and proceed without any issue.

If you have a version of CM Airings prior to May 14, 2014 AND you have or had previously enabled Project Airings and/or Show Airings modules, you must either use CM TV Schedules version 7.x-1.x or else follow the procedure here:

For this module to work optimally it's recommended that you start with the following already installed (either by using a Community Media Starter Kit distribution or building a site that uses Community Media related modules):

Community Media Project
Community Media Show
Community Media Airings - make sure to read the documentation for this

After you have installed and configured the above, you should enable Project Airings and Show Airings modules if you haven't already. Enabling these two modules will add two new fields to the airing entity type - a field that references a project and a field that references a show. By enabling this, you can display airings with click-through links to your shows/projects. At this time, you can also enable Community Media TV Schedules.

After installation, go to Configuration > Community Media > Community Media TV Schedules to set your schedule colors and additional settings. Here you can set if you want schedules to display in 24 hour or 12 hour format. You also have the option of disabling the TV Schedules CSS completely - this is useful if you want to theme them yourself. Otherwise, leave that box unchecked.

You can enter HEX values to customize different areas of the TV schedules. If you aren't sure of the HEX value you want, you can either find it using an application like Photoshop or using an online color picker tool such as Be sure when you enter your HEX value that you include the "#" sign before the color numbers. For example, if you want the main background color to be white, the HEX value for white is '#FFFFFF', and you would enter that full value, including the '#' sign into the box. Save the page, and then go to your schedules page to see the results (you will need to have some airings in the system). The TV Schedules path is "/schedules" (will default to today). This is a view that you can clone or modify at Admin > Structure > Views.

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