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Mozilla Persona is the replacement for Mozilla BrowserID and an alternative to OpenID, perhaps the long term replacement. is the Drupal module to connect to the Mozilla Persona system. When web browsers implement Persona, the Persona module will automatically use the ID from the browser and not use the Mozilla server.

There are three parts to a current Persona ID, a server supplying an ID, the Mozilla server handling the ID, and the code you put in your Web site to accept the ID. The Persona module is the last part, the code to accept the id.

The ID is an email address and the server owning the email address has to supply the ID. The Mozilla Persona service checks the ownership of the email address then passes an encrypted identity to your site when a persona user logs into your site. The Mozilla server part will be replaced by code in new releases of Web browsers.

Persona gives you the choice of allowing login or registration by Persona. There are a few other options you can set. Do you want all logins by Persona? Currently you would choose no to let people use LinkedIn and other logins. One day you might choose to ban all other logins and trust only persona logins.

Please add your experience to this documentation. I may add comments when I add persona to sites. There are still some issues open that may restrict my use and your use. If you add documentation that will change when an issue is fixed, please add the issue number.


Major changes since 7.x-1.2
Audience must now be defined in its own variable in settings.php, for example:
$conf['persona_audience'] = '';

There is no documentation about this setting in the README file. The status report displays a message linking to

I do not know if the port is required or why the setting has to be in the settings.php file instead of the database. This requirement makes Persona incompatible with the Domain module.



[] Set Persona as the only sign in method
It will only be possible to register or sign in with Mozilla Persona.
Email and password fields will not be present on account edit pages.

[] Use email addresses as usernames
When Persona is used to register a new account or change an existing account's email, the username will be set to the email address used. If this option is not enabled, the username part of the email address will be used when registering. When using this option with Persona as the only sign in method, it is useful to disable permission "change own username".

[] Redirect to account edit page when user signs in for the first time
When the form is submitted the user will be redirected back to the page where they signed in.

[] Improve frontend performance when not signed in
For anonymous users, the JavaScript shiv will not be added to pages where there is no sign in button.
This means that for browsers that don't support natively, automatic sign in cannot occur on these pages.

Style selection list.

Legal Documents
If links to both of these documents are provided, they will appear on the Persona sign in dialog.
Terms Of Service
Privacy Policy

Some sites using Persona

These may not be Drupal sites. They are here as examples of the user login/register process. Please add Drupal examples. has Drupal 7 Persona optional with default settings. uses only Persona. has optional login through Persona.

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