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The Support Module allows you to manage Tickets in any number of queues, referred to by the module as "Clients". Each Support Client gets a logically distinct ticket queue, and a ticket can only be assigned to a single Client at a time. Drupal users must be granted access to Clients to see tickets in a given Client queue, and can either be granted limited access to only see the tickets they created themselves or are explicitly assigned to them, or complete access to see all tickets assigned to the Client.

Tickets can only be assigned to up to one Drupal User at a time. Tickets always have a Priority (low, normal, high, critical) and a State (new, active, pending, closed).

Support Clients can be optionally integrated with email allowing tickets to be created and updated by email. Notificiation emails can be generated by the support module when tickets are created or updated. A Drupal User must be subscribed to a ticket to receive email notifications. There is no limit to the number of Users that can subscribe to an individual ticket. Individual Clients can be configured to auto-subscribe specific Drupal Users to new tickets.

In Drupal terms, a Ticket is a Content Type, so Tickets are Drupal Nodes. Ticket Updates are Drupal Comments.

You must create at least one Client to use the Support module. There is no inherent maximum limit to the number of clients you can create. Read on for step by step directions to get started with the Support module.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.