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The DrupalGap module and Application Development Kit can be used to build mobile apps and web apps for Drupal websites.

Drupal 6 Information Available Here

Module Installation (with Drush, for advanced users)

If you haven't already, download the following modules then download and enable the DrupalGap module:

# drush dl services libraries views_datasource
# drush dl drupalgap
# drush en drupalgap

Module Installation

1. Download the DrupalGap module and upload it to your 'sites/all/modules' directory.

2. Download The DrupalGap Module Dependencies

  • Taxonomy (included in Drupal core)
  • Views JSON (included in the Views Datasource module)
  • REST Server* (included in the Services module)

3. Enable the DrupalGap module dependencies listed above.

4. Enable the DrupalGap module.

5. Flush all of your Drupal caches.

DrupalGap User Permissions

There are a few permissions that you should consider enabling to take advantage of the features within DrupalGap:

  • DrupalGap
    • Get vocabularies (anonymous user, authenticated user)
    • Get terms (anonymous user, authenticated user)
  • Services
    • Save file information (authenticated user)
    • Get a system variable (anonymous user, authenticated user)
  • User
    • View user profile (anonymous user, authenticated user)

Getting Started

Once you have installed the DrupalGap module, verify DrupalGap was enabled properly by visiting:


If the 'System Connect' test is successful you are ready to go! If not, please see the Troubleshooting Topics for more information.

Next up, you can try the DrupalGap Mobile App or get started building your own app with the App Development Kit.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


jsmanley’s picture

I'm getting this error. I know the service resource is enabled so I'm guessing it must be the second problem, but I don't know what that means and can't find any information about it.

tyler.frankenstein’s picture

Please submit a support request issue to the issue queue for help on this. We need much more information about your request to accurately debug this.

iribarne’s picture

If I am not mistaken, the link for checking if DrupalGap was enabled properly should be:


instead of


Kind regards,

nithinkolekar’s picture

there is no info about Application Development Kit zip file , where we need to extract. .

Next up, you can try the DrupalGap Mobile App or get started building your own app with the App Development Kit.

and also in next tutorial there isn't anything about it?

am I missing something or it is pre-bundled with ?

Also followed Install and Installing the SDK , but there also it is not mentioned where we need to place extracted file from Mobile Application Development Kit

tyler.frankenstein’s picture

The SDK will overwrite the default www directory that comes with PhoneGap. Just delete the www directory that comes with PhoneGap, then drop your app's entire www directory on top of it (then you may need to re-add the cordova.js file to the www folder depending on your platform/[type]/platform_www/cordova.js). Please fill out an issue/support-request in the future, comments on d.o are not the best place for support.

nithinkolekar’s picture is also good resource for setting up drupalgap,mainly for explaining directory stucture which is missing in this documentation.

pingwin4eg’s picture - link is 403: access denied.

tyler.frankenstein’s picture

I haven't been able to use the redirect module to set up more than one 301 on that page. The docs are now located here: