Last updated 9 July 2015. Created on 9 July 2015.
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The Prefetch Cache module adds a prefetch feature to drupal in a browser independent and reliable way. In fact in can be described as personalized pre-warmed page cache that even works for pages that are commonly not cacheable for authenticated users.

It is a kind of the link prefetching provided by some browsers.

After installing the module the developer / themer can decide to "prefetch" a page by simply adding the prefetch-cache class to any link:
<a class="prefetch-cache" href="/node/17/edit">

When a page with links with the "prefetch-cache" class is loaded, then for each of them a cache request is sent to drupal and the link is adjusted to address the cache entry. When the user visits the link, then a response will be delivered from the cache without the need to process the whole request-response drupal chain.

The default cache expiration time is set currently to 10 minutes.

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