Last updated 17 July 2013. Created on 4 July 2012.
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This module enables a person, team or company to track projects and related cases.

This module started from a rewrite of the project.module, but now he varies in important ways. The project.module is specific to software development, and the need for a more generic issue tracker had been expressed.
As such, the casetracker.module focus is to provide a generic approach to case management, where you have any kind of projects, with any kind of case types inside. It also uses regular Drupal structure and integrates cleanly with Views, Organic Groups, Mailhander, Fields and more.

Case Tracker is usable right out of the box as a basic ticketing system. It's default UI is minimal but feature complete. The module was designed to be extended by programmers and site builders to meet complex needs, and so tries to avoid making too many assumptions about all the ways it can be used.

Case Tracker does not have it's own view permission. By default, Case Tracker is visible to anyone with the "View published content" permission set, which usually includes anonymous visitors. To change this, edit the casetracker_project_cases view ( ), switch the access type from permission to role, and select which roles should have access.

Case Tracker is not the only ticketing system in Drupal and this comparison may be useful when choosing a ticketing module.

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