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Vimeo Video Uploader Module.

Module helps users to Uploads videos to vimeo on creation of content from your drupal site.

-- Installation --

* The instalation of this module is like other Drupal modules.

1. Install This module (unpacking it to your Drupal.
[/sites/all/modules] directory if you're installing by hand).

2. Download the Library api of Vimeo from "".
Create a folder "vimeo-lib-api" and place the downloaded vimeo.php file to vimeo-lib-api folder.

-- Configuration --

* Configuration Page.

* Before configuring,
Create a App at, visit
Get the Created App Authenticated. (takes few days to get authenticated by
Copy the details.
- Vimeo User Id.
- Client ID.
- Client Secret.
- Access token.
- Access token secret.

* On module configuration page enter the above copied details.
and Select content type from which you have to upload the video to vimeo.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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