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The Goals module is a flexible incentive and gamification module. It enables the site administrator to create a series of "goals" for users to achieve.

The Goals module brings together the power of other popular modules, including:

This enables the quick creation of a robust gamification system.

What is a "Goal"?

A "goal" is a set of one or more tasks a user must complete. A goal is a container for tasks. Once a user completes all tasks for a goal, the goal is automatically marked complete.

By creating a number of goals that align with behaviors encouraged on a site, a gamification system can quickly be established which is easy to administer, highly customizable, and tailored to the needs of the site.

What is a "Task"?

A "task" is any action that site users must complete one or more times. In addition to simply counting the number of times an action is performed, administrators have the ability to place constraints on the timeframe in which an action is performed. Examples of tasks created by site administrators include:

  • A user "Likes" another user’s post.
  • A user contributes three posts of content within a week.
  • A user logs in to the site for three consecutive days.


Copy the "goals" directory to a site's "modules" directory and activate the module. The goals module requires that the EntityAPI module and Rules modules also be installed and enabled.

Once the Goals module is enabled, navigate to "Administration » Configuration » Goals" to begin setting up goals and tasks for users.

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