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Flag is a flexible flagging system that is completely customizable by the administrator. Using this module, the site administrator can provide any number of flags for nodes, comments, users, and any other type of entity. Some possibilities include bookmarks, marking important, friends, or flag as offensive. With extensive views integration, you can create custom lists of popular content or keep tabs on important content.

Flags may be per-user, meaning that each user can mark an item individually, or global, meaning that the item is either marked or it is not marked, and any user who changes that changes it for everyone.

In this way, additional flags (similar to published and sticky) can be put on nodes, or other items, and dealt with by the system however the administration likes.


  • Create unlimited arbitrary flags or bookmarks to flag content
  • Extensive Views integration to make lists of popular flagged content
  • Full support for Tokens in all messages and labels
  • Execute Actions when content is flagged past a certain threshold (Actions is now included in Drupal 6 core with no additional modules, requires 2.x version in Drupal 5)
  • Full Rules module integration
  • JavaScript based toggling of flags
  • Limit flag display by content type and roles
  • Optionally show each flag as a checkbox on the node form

Each flag provides data to the Views module, and provides a default view to list 'my bookmarks'. The default views are basic, but are easily tailored to whatever the system administrator would like them to do.

The package includes a demo module which provides a simple bookmark and two sample views for 'My bookmarks' both as a stand-alone page at "bookmarks", and a page for each user as a tab under their profile at user/x/bookmarks.

Recommended Flag-related Projects

There are many modules that use or complement Flag. Some of them:

  • Flag Weights: Add weights to Flags to make items orderable.
  • Flag Friend: A pre-built flag for marking other users as friends with Flag.
  • Flag Abuse: A pre-built flag for marking offensive content, plus administrative features.
  • Flag files: Adds the ability to flag files.
  • DLike: Provides a 'Like' button using a flag.
  • Flag Hide & Mute: Provide users with 'hide this post' links and 'mute this user' links.
  • Flag Lists: allows regular users to create unlimited private flags called lists.

There are more related projects listed in the Flag documentation.


The Flag module has a very extensive handbook on drupal.org. Please browse through it before asking questions in the issue queue (especially if you have a question about how to make a particular View with Flag module).

The team at NodeOne has also produced an excellent series of screencasts on using Flag module.

Branch status

  • 8.x-4.x: Under active development, but not yet ready for production.
  • 7.x-3.x: Minimal maintenance (bugs fixed; new feature backport patches committed).

See the documentation for more details on the features of the different branches.

Drupal 8

Flag 8.x-4.x is a complete rewrite of Flag module for Drupal 8. This version is not yet ready for production. Here are the issues where we need help:


Currently maintained by joachim, socketwench, and Shabana Blackborder
Flag module originally written by quicksketch and mooffie
Based on the Views Bookmark module by merlinofchaos

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