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Documentation for the isotope module.

This module allows you to easily create a grid view that uses the amazing Isotope plugin to dynamically filter the elements displayed, with optional layout engines including Masonry.

Please note that there is not a clean upgrade path from 1.x to 2.x - If you upgrade you will need to reconfigure your views. Docs for 1.x are here: Views Isotope 7.x-1.x

Module Features

  • Uses version 2 of Isotope.
  • Does not rely on views module. Isotope grids can be made by passing your own lists of data to standard theme functions.
  • A fully-featured example module showing both the theme-method and the view-method.
  • An example css file for you to examine and copy.
  • An interface for creating reusable configurations (ctools exportables) with different layout modes and settings for use throughout the site.
  • Allow multiple instances on a single page. You can specify:
    • Multiple filters apply to one grid.
    • One filter apply to multiple grids.
    • Each filter applies to its own grid.
  • Does not rely on jQuery Update.
  • Integrates with Views Infinite Scroll module.
  • Provides a context reaction.
  • Optional hash history - filters and sorts in the url.
  • RTL support.


Although the package is named "views_isotope", it does not rely on views.

Extend with:

Additional functionality can be provided by enabling the following modules:


IMPORTANT: The Isotope library licensing is confusing. The code is licensed as GPLv3, but claims commercial use requires an additional license that costs from $25-290. That commercial license is a tax on ignorance. Developers cannot dictate how GPL software is used. The Isotope library itself cannot be included with the module because all code committed to must be compatible with both GPLv2 and GPLv3. Code downloaded from includes a GPLv2 LICENSE.TXT file, but is licensed as GPLv2 or later. By using the GPLv3 licensed Isotope library with this Drupal module, you are taking advantage of the 'or later' option of Drupal's licensing. Please do not open issues about Isoptope's licensing in this project. Those should be sent to General questions about Drupal licensing can be directed to the Drupal Licensing Working Group.

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