The mission of the Licensing Working Group (LWG) is to establish and enforce policies regarding license management for code and related assets hosted on Drupal.org and to communicate those policies to the community at large. The LWG acts as a group to maintain the guidelines and processes for license policy enforcement and to recommend and guide development of tools and infrastructure that are needed for said enforcement.


The LWG is responsible for the guidelines, policies, standards, tools, and processes around licensing of code and related assets hosted on Drupal.org, and to enforce these policies.

Specific Duties

The LWG exists to be an authoritative voice in the event of license policy disagreements. They do so by engaging in the following activities:

  • Establishing and maintaining policy on the license by which code and assets are distributed from Drupal.org. This includes both "first-party" resources (code/assets uploaded directly to Drupal.org) as well as "third-party" resources (external code/assets packaged for download on Drupal.org).
  • Maintaining the "whitelist" of allowable third-party licenses/projects. Said whitelist (https://www.drupal.org/packaging-whitelist) will be used in projects such as Distributions that pull in external, third-party code for packaging on Drupal.org.
  • Maintaining documentation related to licensing policy. This includes:
  • Enforcing licensing policies on contributed code/assets. This includes responding to reports of license violation in a timely manner, providing ample notice to a contributor that they are in violation of the licensing policy and what the steps to resolution are, and where necessary taking action against a project in violation such as unpublishing it until the code is brought into compliance with the license.
  • Partnering with other working groups, such as the Drupal.org Software/Infrastructure Working Groups, or the Documentation Working Group, on tools/policies to help with license policy enforcement that fall under the scope of those groups. Recommendations for tool/policy changes are made as a group.

For more information, read the LWG governance page and full LWG Charter.


The current members of the LWG are:

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