Isotope For Drupal showing "masonry" layout
Isotope Context Reaction

Isotope.js provides David DeSandro's Isotope jQuery plugin to Drupal as a library. Isotope is a display plugin that comes with several unique layout modes for content, including the ever-popular "masonry" layout. In addition, the plugin also provides several methods for responding to user events like window resizing and real-time sorting/filtering.


  • Includes Isotope as a library, making it available to other modules.
  • Provides a Context reaction to allow basic configuration of Isotope instances through an easy to use UI (Which are exportable as Features).
  • Stores all Isotope configuration in Drupal.settings making custom implementations/extension of basic functionality easy.
  • Includes an example context feature to show a basic implementation.


  • Enable the module to make Isotope available as a library to Drupal
  • Take a look at the example context reaction feature included in the module for a demonstration of a simple configuration
  • Create your own context reactions to configure different instances of Isotope
  • Write custom behaviors to extend isotope beyond default functionality



  1. Download or clone isotope into /sites/all/libraries/isotope:
    cd sites/all/libraries; git clone git:// isotope
  2. Install the Libraries API and optional Context modules
  3. Install and enable the Isotope Module

The latest versions of jQuery, jQuery BBQ, and jQuery Infinite scroll are located in the Isotope repositiory, and can be optionally included from the administrative settings page of Isotope.js in Drupal.

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