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MoneySuite provides a set of modules for Drupal sites that rely on the sale of memberships and/or content for revenue. This project is differentiated from the existing commerce modules in that it requires no special adaptation for the sale of memberships and handles one time or recurring payments through a variety of payment gateways.

The following modules are included in MoneySuite:

  • MoneySuite Core
  • MS Membership Suite
  • Affiliates Suite
  • Gateways Pack: has been integrated into core
  • Pay Per View
  • Bonus Pack
  • File downloads
  • Marketplace
  • Pay to Publish
  • Events Ticketing Suite (starting on 10.1)


  • Download MoneySuite the same way you would install any other Drupal module.
  • MS Core is required by all MoneySuite modules and includes the payment processing and gateway functionality, as well as the cart and store API. Included are a number of Payment Gateway modules, as well as some MS Core related modules, such as MS Coupons, MS Reports and MS Tax.
  • Enable the MoneySuite Core module and other modules required for your project.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.