MoneySuite provides a set of modules for Drupal sites that rely on the sale of memberships and/or content for revenue. This project is differentiated from the existing commerce modules in that it requires no special adaptation for the sale of memberships and handles one time or recurring payments through a variety of payment gateways.

Included in this release:

  • Core
  • Membership Suite
  • Affiliates Suite
  • Gateways Pack: has been integrated into core
  • Pay Per View
  • Bonus Pack
  • File downloads
  • Marketplace
  • Pay to Publish
  • Events Ticketing Suite (starting on 10.1)

Large number of gateways supported:

  • CCBill
  • Payment with check
  • ClickBank
  • CRE Secure
  • Estonian Payment Methods
  • First Atlantic Commerce
  • Fortumo
  • Ibis
  • Innovative
  • Ogone
  • Paypal rest
  • Paypal wpp
  • Paypal wps
  • Payza
  • PayFlow Pro
  • Quickpay
  • Realex
  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • Virtual Merchant
  • VoguePay
  • Worldpay

Membership Suite: Allows you to sell Memberships to your Drupal site: Includes User Signup, Recurring Billing, Cancellations, Upgrades, and Email Notifications
Affiliates Suite: Integrate an Affiliates System with MoneySuite Modules.
Gateways Pack: Over 20 Payment Gateways, including Stripe, Paypal and many others.
Pay Per View: Sell Access to Individual Nodes and Content.
Core: Core module with functions and hooks. Required by all MoneySuite modules. Includes payment processing and gateway functionality, as well as the cart, checkout and products API.

Background Information:
MoneySuite is a fork of MoneyScripts, a set of GPL Drupal modules originally released by Leighton Whiting and sold under a ‘pay for support and upgrades’ model. Per the MoneyScripts website: "The code is GPL and it is perfectly legal to modify it and even distribute it if you so choose."

After becoming frustrated by what we considered to be a lack of support, including removal of the support forums - we, a group of customers, have decided to take development, maintenance and support upon ourselves and make this a true community driven project and to eliminate the dependency upon one busy individual.

We invite other users to join as maintainers. Even if you have no programming experience, your experience as a user is valuable and you can help by answering questions in the issue queue. We also need users to contribute documentation for incorporation into the project.

UPGRADE PATH: (tested, but make sure you backup first!!!)
We have a tested method for upgrading to MoneySuite from MoneyScripts:

To upgrade follow the steps below:

  1. See our note regarding MoneyScripts versions below
  3. Deactivate MoneyScripts modules (Do NOT uninstall!)
  4. Using FTP, remove MoneyScripts files and directories
  5. Using FTP, upload MoneySuite files and directories
  6. Activate MoneySuite modules
  7. Everything should be working!

Upgrade/Version Support:
Upgrade path has been tested from the MoneyScripts 7.x modules listed below. If you are upgrading from a different version, you are doing so at your own risk. Make sure to backup your database. We cannot provide an upgrade path for later MoneyScripts versions released after this fork - in this case, we suggest that you uninstall MoneyScripts and install MoneySuite. Drupal 6 versions are in the queue, but have not been released and are not currently supported.

Forked from these MoneyScripts versions:
- ms_core-7.x-3.1
- ms_membership-7.x-8.0
- ms_gateways_pack-7.x-2.0
- ms_affiliates-7.x-5.0
- ms_bonus_pack-7.x-2.0
- ms_files-7.x-3.5
- ms_marketplace-7.x-1.0
- ms_ppv-7.x-1.9
- ms_paypublish 7.x-6.0-rc7
- ms_events 7.x-1.3

This release has been tested in multiple development environments and is currently running in a production environment and processing live payments. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Project information