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Imagefield Crop helps content authors and editors crop images when adding images to content.


Imagefield Crop crops an image going into an image field. The image field is then processed by regular image field processing. Version 1 of Imagefield Crop added a widget to regular image fields. Version 2 of Imagefield Crop adds a special field type.


You have images submitted quickly or used in several places.

Fast submission bypasses the image editing step in Gimp/Photoshop. You crop your image during submission. This is only useful if the image has good contrast out of the camera.

When you use an image in several places, you might need to crop to different shapes or crop in close to different heads/people/pets/areas. If the image already has the right lighting for the area you want, Imagefield Crop will save you the external copping step.


Use Imagefield Crop anywhere you can use an image field. Version 2 has no conversion for current image fields.


Your content creators can do more during the creation process, saving them the time and expense of sending the image out to an agency or waiting for some other member of staff to perform the change.

Why not

Bad images usually remain bad after cropping. Your content authors and editors need quality images with excellent colour, contrast, etc. Your content editors need guidance, good taste, and visual skills. if they are hired purely for their writing skills, you might be better served by hiring a skilled image editor to work along side the authors.

Version 2 requires a conversion of existing image fields. That could create a problem for sites with extensive existing content.

Version 1

Imagefield Crop version 1 adds a widget to image fields. I have not used version one. Version 1 users please add your notes here.

I ran a quick test of version 1. The image field table remains untouched. Imagefield Crop stores the extra settings in a variable named imagefield_crop_info indexed by file id. That could be a problem when there are tens of thousands of cropped images with the variable blowing out into the megabytes. Version 2 looks better for large sites.

Version 2

I am experimenting with version 2 of Imagefield Crop. Imagefield Crop version 2 adds a new field type, Image cropped, as a clone of the regular image field. This fits a requirement for a new field on a new content type.

The new field type creates a conversion problem for existing image fields. Think of a field called News image. You end up with a table containing columns with names like field_news_image_width. Imagefield Crop requires the following conversions.
field_news_image_height -> field_news_image_cropbox_height
field_news_image_width -> field_news_image_cropbox_width

Imagefield Crop requires the following new fields.

A conversion from an image field to Imagefield Crop requires other conversions. The field_config has to change to an Imagefield Crop field. The field_instance row has to point to the Imagefield Crop config and change some of the blob values.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I am looking for multiple crop on same image like mention this page and landed on this documentation page.

When you use an image in several places, you might need to crop to different shapes or crop in close to different heads/people/pets/areas

will image crop do multiple crop on same image or I misunderstood the above statement.

Nithin Kolekar

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Imagefield Crop alters a normal image field. You can use an image field multiple times in a content type and across multiple content types. You can have the same image uploaded to multiple fields.

Imagefield Crop crops the image when you are editing the page and uploading images. You can upload one image several times to different image fields. Each image field can be cropped differently.

The crop makes a copy of the original. The original is not damaged. You can change the crop for each image.