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This module will help you to keep sane while working on your different environments by adding a configurable color bar to each one of your environments. The Environment Indicator adds a coloured bar on the site informing you which environment you're currently in (Development, Staging, Production etc). This is incredibly useful if you have multiple environments for each of your sites, and like me, are prone to forgetting which version of the site you are currently looking at.

This module can help you avoid making configuration changes to your live server by mistake by adding a coloured strip to the side of your site, clearly marking each version of the site.

Hopefully your project has several of the following environments. By placing an indicator you will know with a glance where you are testing that last code, that you're about to configure the right environment, etc.

Environment/Tier Name Description
Local Developer's desktop/workstation
Virtual Machine VM hosted on developers desktop or possibly development server
Development Development server aka sandbox
Integration CI build target, or for developer testing of side effects
Test/QA For functional, performance testing, Quality Assurance etc.
UAT User acceptance testing
Stage/Pre-production Mirror of production environment
Production/Live Serves end-users/clients

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