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Boost is a contributed module that provides static page caching for Drupal websites. It can help you realize a significant performance increase for personal blogs, small business, corporate sites, portals and directories that receive mostly anonymous traffic. The built-in crawler makes sure expired content is quickly regenerated for fast page loading. Its cache expiration logic is continually improving and it is fairly simple to have different cache lifetimes for different parts of your site. This works similar to and is considered a poor-mans varnish or squid. For shared hosting this is your best option in terms of improving performance and enhancing your website visitor's experience.

For Drupal 7.x- versions of Boost, see the Drupal 7.x Boost handbook.


This module originally developed by Arto Bendiken(Arto), 5.x port by Alexander I. Grafov(axel) and 6.x port by Ben Lavender(bhuga). Additional contributions by Jacob Peddicord, Justin Miller, Barry Jaspan.
Current developer and maintainer Mike Carper(mikeytown2) of 316Solutions.


  • Improves website performance for anonymous users.
  • On-Demand page caching.
  • Supports shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.
  • Supports Multi-site Installations.
  • Supports sub-directory Installations.
  • Supports and designed for Apache.
  • Nginix and Lighttpd semi-supported.
  • Gzip page compression, included as option.
  • Supports HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON/AJAX.
  • Fine tune with intuitive performance control panel.
  • htaccess files included.
  • Built-in htaccess file generator if needed.
  • Adjustable cache lifetimes for different parts of the website.
  • Uses cron run to trigger cleaning of cached files.
  • Built in crawler to automatically regenerate cached files.
  • Page cache status block with stats and flush page control.
  • Page cache configuration block for easy, on-the-fly tuning.
  • Ajax core statistics block.
  • Choose which pages are cached.
  • Injects HTML comment to provide easy verification of Boost.
  • Easy to install and setup.


  • Drupal's clean URLs MUST be enabled and working properly.

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