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These are the instructions to install and configure the SimpleAds module.

Please note, that simpleads 7.x-2.x currently requires the following non-core modules:

- Copy the SimpleAds folder to the modules folder in your installation.
- Install and enable all required modules, including the libraries module
- Create libraries folder in sites/all/ so you have /sites/all/libraries
- Download and put the jquery.cycle.all.js in /sites/all/libraries/jquery.cycle (you need to create the jquery.cycle directory)
- Enable SimpleAds module using Administer -> Modules (/admin/build/modules)
- Once enabled click on Permissions to the right. Set "Count ad impressions" and "Count ad clicks" for desired user's roles, e.g.
anonymous user and authenticated user.

Note: If your site is behind a reverse proxy (e.g. Varnish) the unique impressions
count will be incorrect because it will record the IP address of the proxy
rather than the client. Make sure you set variables 'reverse_proxy' and
'reverse_proxy_addresses' to suit your infrastructure.

Create Advertisement
- Create the new ad group - placeholder for the ad here:
You may also use one of the default groups: "Content Ads" or "Sidebar Ads"
- Create the new image ad:
Don't forget to also publish it.

Display Advertisement
- You may "Promote it to the front page"
- You may also use Context module to specify ad group's visibility

Advertisement's Statistics
- Display ad and click on it (you should be redirected to the url entered for the ad created) few times as both anonymous user and authenticated user
- To see ad's statistics:
then click on the desired ad.
Note: If there is no impressions and clicks, try to clear drupal's cache ("Clear all caches" button on the /admin/config/development/performance) and repeat the process (Advertisement's Statistics) from the beginning.

If there is a problem, please search the issue queue.

These instructions were first written in this issue: by gennadiy

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.