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This the documentation for the breadcrumb2 module.

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Why build breadcrumb2?

When I use Custom breadcrumbs module to build breadcrumb base on taxonomy, it is too difficult to config, too complex. At that time, I have the idea of build a simple breadcrumb module wich is as powerful as Custom breadcrumbs.

Store breadcrumb as an entity, generate breadcrumb base on Rules module. This is my basic idea. When I decide to build this module, I find that there are already several breadcrumb related modules, such as Path breadcrumbs, Crumbs, Panels breadcrumbs, Breadcrumb, Disable breadcrumb, Menu position. I apply co-maintainer of breadcrumb module, but sun does not reply me. My idea is much difference from existing modules, So I decide to create a project, this is breadcrumb2.

I build breadcrumb2 module, and write articles about it. I use it as an real example to show my readers that how to build a entity type base on Entity API module, How to integrate with Views module, How to integrate with Rules module, How to build custom condition/actions for Rules. It is a good example.

After I complete it, and I think that it is good enough, very simple to use, the same powerful as Custom breadcrumbs / Path breadcrumbs. I released several beta versions. One month later, I am very confused that there are only 1 site using this module, although there are 100+ downloads. I ask one of my friend to use this module, he tried with it and found that could not install it. There are several errors, the first one is “FieldException: Attempt to create a field of unknown type link_field”. I fixed them.

Several months later, there only 17 sites using this module with hundreds of download. Why? I found the issue of “FieldException: Attempt to create a field of unknown type link_field” still exist although it works very well at my local environment. Another readon: it ship with a taxonomy based on breadcrumb, but the link path is not valid, it use “[node_type]s/category/[tid]” instead of “taxonkomy/term/[tid]”. So I decide to improve it. Then I build beta8 and beta9 version and decide to write some document for this module.

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