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Cloud (a.k.a Clanavi) is a set of modules that lets users administer public and private clouds from within Drupal. Clanavi provide users the ability to manage public clouds such as AWS EC2 clouds as well as private clouds like OpenStack and XCP.


  • Clanavi provides functionalites for cloud management, such as:
    • starting/stopping instances
    • managing volumes and snapshot
    • firewall management with security groups
    • SSH Key management
  • Clanavi features a pluggable architecture and can be extended to support other
    public/private clouds.
  • Clanavi provides hooks for external modules to interact with instances when they
    are stopped and started. See cloud.api.php for more details.

The following documentation pages describes Clanavi in more detail and walk users through installation and usage of Clanavi to manage Amazon EC2.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.