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Your Drupal system can gain many new capabilities when you install community-created modules--plug-ins that give your system more tools to work with.

To set up an individual module, you must install and configure it individually. You must install and configure each module individually on your machine. Each module download contains specific install instructions. Further description of specific modules' administration and use is contained within. Use modules that have the same version as your Drupal installation.

For more information on module development, see Module Development with Drupal.

Finding and selecting contributed modules

There are several ways to find modules to fit specific purposes for your Drupal site:

  • The Comparisons of contributed modules handbook section can be quite useful -- there are many handbook pages there that compare different contributed modules in particular categories. However, not all module categories have comparison articles.
  • The Contributed module documentation handbook section provides links to modules with individual handbook pages. However, not all modules have handbook pages.
  • The official module list page and the alphabetical list of all module names page provide complete lists of all available Drupal modules. The alphabetical list has only the names of modules, but lists all modules on one page. The official module list is paginated (25 modules per page, resulting in 640 pages as of Nov 7, 2014 or close to 16.000 modules) with longer descriptions included. Also, you will find "blocks" on the right sidebar of the official module list that will allow you to search for modules, filter by Drupal version compatibility, and filter by module category by clicking on a category.
  • You can also use the site-wide search to search for modules. Enter a search term, and then on the right sidebar, restrict search results to the type "Project" (this may include modules, themes, site installation profiles, and other projects).

Installing Contributed Modules

See Information on installing contributed modules (Drupal 7)

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